Sunday, 30 September 2018

How to Hide Your Last Seen on Instagram

Instagram is the most trending social networking app every kid, teenager and grownups are into. Instagram or Insta is the coolest app to share photos and videos using your smart phone. It is easy to use and like Facebook, twitter and other social networking site you create an account and set up your profile. All the pictures and videos you post are displayed on your profile. You can follow your friends, family and others can follow you. The app is free to use and available for iOS and Android on Play stores.

There are a lot more features common in Facebook and Instagram like sharing stories, messaging etc. Instagram has recently started showing last seen of your friends or connections. Before this the feature was only available in WhatsApp and Facebook messenger but the company has rolled out feature in Instagram as well. Your friends can view your last seen from the direct messages. There you see the time stamp in minutes, hours or days to show the last when you used the app.

Little did they know that we do not like being watched and monitored by anyone. Personally, I like Instagram because people cannot track when you are online, and you can freely check on feeds. I felt disappointed and the feature was automatically turned on without our notice. Fortunately, there is a way we can hide our last seen and be free like before.

How to hide last seen in iOS

  1. -          Login to your account
  2. -          Go to your profile from bottom right corner
  3. -          Click on settings icon to open settings
  4. -          Scroll down to privacy and security
  5. -          Click on Activity status
  6. -          Toggle to off the switch


How to hide last seen in Android

  1. -          Open app Login to your account
  2. -          Click on the icon at the bottom right corner to switch to your profile.
  3. -          Tap the three-dot icon at the upper right corner to open settings
  4. -          Navigate to privacy and security
  5. -          Hit Activity status
  6. -          Toggle the switch to off position

Once you have turned off the last seen, do not forget to remove the Instagram app from recent apps for immediate effect.

Note to remember:

-      Last seen is only visible to our connections through direct messages. You can only view last seen of your friends and connections. Similarly, only people following you will be able to view your last seen and not everybody.

-      Like WhatsApp and messenger, if you hide your last seen so that your friends cannot see when you were active last, you will also not be able to view last seen of your friends.

-      Last seen can be viewed for those whom you have exchanges direct messages with. If a friend from your connection has never sent you any direct message you will not be able to see the last availability.

-      You will be able to view last seen of an account whom you are not following but they have sent you message unless they have not disabled last seen.

Instagram did not announce about this update and automatically turned the feature on for all account. You even do not need to update the app as it is server-side update to all accounts. It could have been better if they would have announced or at least notified users. Instagram is one of the most loving social networking app and the initial feature make it so.