Saturday, 15 September 2018

How to Create an Effective Facebook Business Page

Facebook is one of the most powerful social networking site with more than 800 million people using Facebook every day. Facebook has become very popular as well as powerful in last few years and ruling the social media. With the enormous user face and effective channels, it is extremely profit-making medium.


It is quiet understood that why should we use Facebook as the platform to explore our business. One out of every three people uses Facebook hence it is the optimal way to target your audience. You just need a strong business page for your business. Let us go step by step:

Select your category

Before creating a page, you need to decide your category of business or page. Facebook supports multiple categories and each of these requires more relevant information as follows:

a)       Local Business
-          Basic Information about your business
-          Your business hours
-          Contact information
-          Address
-          Price range
-          Parking
b)      Company, institution or organization
-          Date of foundation
-          Products
-          Awards and achievements
-          Mission
-          Address
c)       Product or brand
-          Date of foundation
-          About your brand
-          Awards achieved
-          Products offered
d)      Entertainment
-          About
-          Release date
e)      Artist or public figure
-          Address
-          Area of interest
-          Birthday
-          Gender
-          Biography
-          Affiliation
f)        Cause or community
-          Groups
-          Type
-          Description

Once you have selected your category and get started.

Upload picture

This step is the impression of your page. Upload the profile and cover page image which identifies your brand or business. Your profile picture will be of dimension 830 x 312 for desktop and 640x360 on mobile phone in square.

If you have a logo of your business, it is recommendable to use your logo as the profile image as it will appear in Google search. If you are a celebrity or public figure, your own picture would be enough. Once your profile photo is updated, upload your cover photo of good quality.

Update basic info

After uploading your profile picture and cover photo you must complete your profile with all the basic info.

We often think of leaving this section for later however it is very important to fill the information right from the start. Make sure to fill in all the details about your brand or business as this is the place your customer will look for the information regarding your brand or business.
You will find the about section in left panel of the page. In this section you can write a description of your website. Put a story to share what your customers should know about your business and why the customers should like or follow your page. Specify your page location and basic info and save changes.

First Post and invitation

Creating your first is as important as establishing your business. Before you start inviting people to like your page create a post of your valuable content. Make sure your content should engage your visitors and attract them for more.

After your post and story, start sending invitation to your friends or family. Use various methods to promote your page.

Managing page

You are now all set to explore your business but still you need to make efforts on marketing decisions. Facebook has various metrics with which you can measure the growth of your page. Click on insights option to monitor overview, likes, visits and reach of your page.

Just like your business your Facebook page also requires attention and a lot of work. Put value of your business and quality in your Facebook page and promote as much as possible.