Saturday, 8 September 2018

How LinkedIn Can Help You to Create Backlinks

Social media plays a very important role, no matter what your business is and there is no other platform better than LinkedIn. This is no surprise that LinkedIn is the best place to grow network and connections. You can create a backlink from your LinkedIn account and there are few ways to achieve that.


 LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the great way to create a backlink for your website.

  1.  Login to your LinkedIn account 
  2. Click on Me and go to my profile
  3. Hit pencil icon to edit your profile and go to “contact info”.
  4. Click on pencil icon again to see all the contact methods you have saved.
  5. There you need to add the URL of your website in “Add website”.
  6. Save changes.

And you are done with the steps to generate backlink. You have created a do-follow link to your website and added to improve ranking of your website.

 LinkedIn connections

Your LinkedIn connections are more than just connections and can be used to create backlinks with your connections. You can create a good network who can share your post and even provide backlink to your site. Create a good content, be active on LinkedIn and make good connections.

You can promote your brand within your connection and create a positive impact around.

The connection over LinkedIn is professional and will surely give you the advantage of this fact. 

 LinkedIn posts

So, you can get a do-follow link from LinkedIn profile and after that all you must do is be active with your posts. Whatever content you are posting on your LinkedIn account can drive the traffic of your connection to your website.

While posting any post on your profile you must link your website with your posts wherever possible. The traffic which will visit your website can give you backlinks and a great connection too. This will generate a trust in your connections and the interested people will be the regular visitor of your website.
Your LinkedIn profile can help you in managing SEO of your account However it is again up to you how you manage your SEO. You must make sure there is no spam and any of the backlink generated via LinkedIn doesn’t harm the ranking of your website. I would suggest you to always keep track of your backlink and monitor all the resources including LinkedIn.