Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Backlink Analysis With Monitor Backlink Tool

Google launched a new algorithm back in 2012 which changed the concept of backlinks and search engine optimization totally. Before that the more backlinks your website has the more ranking of your page has on google. As I said the concept has changed now. So, backlinks are only valuable if they are good backlinks. Bad backlinks or un natural backlinks can really harm your ranking and lead to google penalty. There are many tools available to analyze if the backlinks are good or bad based on many factors. Let us talk about Monitor tool backlinks.


Backlink analysis:

Backlink removal requires patience and takes time. You must analyze it by yourself which backlinks you want to keep and which one to remove. I have used monitor backlinks and this tool really helped me. The tool is paid but there is a 30-day trial.

  • Register your account on monitor backlink:
  • Use webmaster tool to export the report of backlinks
  • Login to monitor backlink and navigate to “Add new backlinks”
  • Hit import links from file. Once you will click on import link, monitor backlink tool will automatically detect backlinks from webmaster tool.
  • Now you must filter the backlinks. While filtering backlinks you must sort the links based on below terms:

Trust flow: This shows how trustworthy the backlink is by quality. If the backlink is authoritative and qualitative it will increase trust flow of your website.

Citation flow: Citation flow means how popular the website is without measuring quality of the website like Porn sites. There should be a balanced ratio of trust flow and citation flow.

Spam score: Spam score is another important factor which should not be neglected in any case. It ranges from 0-17 and links with spam score more than 5 are generally spam links.

Status: Backlinks have different statuses to identify if it is “dofollow link” or nofollow link”. If the status of the link is Ok it is do follow and if it is NF, I strongly recommend ignoring those links. If the status is “BNF” it means the backlink is now removed from your website.
Monitor backlink is very active and continuously checks the status of your backlinks.

Google Index status: This is another important term. It shows whether the website was penalized or not. If it is red it means the domain is not indexed and if it is yellow it means that page is not indexed. The domain which is not indexed should be avoided strongly.

Page authority, domain authority, mozrank, TLD/IP and traffic are other factors to be analyzed. You should check all these factors before deciding if you want to keep the backlink or remove.

Once you have found the link you want to remove, tag the link so that you can find the link later.
Or you can generate a report with graphic charts for better understanding.

Once the report is generated you just need to submit a disavow file and you are all set.