Thursday, 30 August 2018

What are Backlinks and How they are Important?

Backlinks is a very common term when we talk about SEO (Search engine Optimization). There are wide range of tricks and strategies to manage SEO of the website however backlink is one of the very crucial term in terms of performance of your website. If you want organic traffic for your website backlink is must.

If one website mentions another website and links to it. It is basically an upvote for your website. Backlinks are to make connections of your website so the more backlinks your website has with authoritative websites the more it will help in positive ranking of your website.


Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks Has importance for both search engine and your website.

For Search Engine

   Backlinks of your website helps search engine calculate how relevant your website is on the topic. Backlinks shows that other websites are endorsing your website so, it helps search engine interpret the worth of your website in ranking.

-      Search engines runs multiple algorithms to check if the backlinks are quality links or just the bad links. The main focus these days is on quality links even if the quantity is low.

End user1.

End user who is surfing a website gets connect searches with similar kind of information. Let’s suppose a user is visiting a page and reading an article. Now when they will scroll down they will find the link of other websites and if it is quality link it will be relevant for sure. This will increase the interest of user and hence back links creates a good experience with required knowledge.

How to build Backlinks

So, we know that backlinks have a very big importance to rank our page or website. However, developing backlinks with quality is not an easy task these days. The strategy to get backlinks changes with time to time. Here are some ways which will work for you in 2018 for sure:

      Guest blogging:

Guest blogging gives you organic backlinks with quality. Check the website and write 5-10x better content as a guest blogger so that you can stand out.

Write for reputable websites and write more than once to build a relationship.


HARO is the database of resources and you can build backlinks with HARO. In order to use HARO you need to register as source and sign up.

Once you have your account send a valuable pitch to journalist providing answers to their queries. This will give you instant quality backlinks.

Developing backlink is an interesting task and you have to do it with caution. You should keep monitoring the value of backlinks and aware of spams.
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