Thursday, 30 August 2018

SEO Tips You Need to Know to Boost Your Website

You own a website – Congratulations!!


Now you need to bring traffic to your website and there comes the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a very important aspect to rank your website on google or bing. There are number of things you can do to increase the ranking of you page. Here are few of the things you can keep in your mind:

-        The Right URL

You created a website, that is good but before going live you need to choose your domain or the URL. This will be your web address which users will type to reach your website. This gives the first impression to your visitors as well as Google. So, your URL should be simple without any special character, hash tags or it shouldn’t be tough to understand.

Your domain represents your business or idea behind your website

-        Keyword Research

This is the one thing that hasn’t change over years in terms of search engine optimization. Keywords determine the visibility of your website in terms of a specific search and shows the niche relevance. There are number of keyword planner tools are available like google Adwords keyword planner. Keyword thing needs your special attention to find the balance between the competition and demand. Going for medium volume keyword with low competitive phrases gives good results.

-        Good content

No matter how many people are coming to your website, to keep them as a regular visitor you need to provide them a good content. There should be a proper title and subtitles. If you are providing knowledgeable content for your you will have regular visitors and subscribers too.

Interact with your visitors if you get any comment. Do not ever leave any comment unanswered.

-       Anchor text

Anchor text is the visible text in the hyperlink which redirects to another page if we click. You must be familiar with blue underlined text on some pages, that text is anchor text and it is called as hyperlink.

With Anchor text you can easily redirect your users to another relevant page of your website.

-        Alt text to image

We are advised to upload an image with every article. Now the search engine cannot read image like it read the text content. To know what your image is displaying search engine looks for alt text. This of course increases the ranking of the page hence Alt text should be accurate and relevant always.

At the end Search engines are smart and they are regularly updating their algorithms to rank the pages on web and there is no way we can fool Google.
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