Friday, 3 August 2018

How to Reboot Your Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft developed Xbox one is its eighth-generation video gaming console. It one of the most powerful consoles with the best values in gaming and entertainment. In some instances when you install or uninstall a game or an update you need to reboot your Xbox one to fix login issues or the temporary lag in the console. It is sometimes necessary and there is a way to reboot your Xbox one.


How to reboot your Xbox One

1. Sign in to your device
2. Press the guide button
3. Navigate to settings from the system menu
4. Hit “System” and then click on “Console Info”
5. Press “Reset console”
6. Choose one from “Reset and remove everything” or Reset and keep my games and apps”.

After you hit the button your system will turn off which could take a few minutes and slowly you will see the startup screen. If you have selected reset and remove everything, all the data of the device will be erased including apps and games. If you have opted to keep games and apps, your games and apps will be as it is in console however your personal data including cache will be deleted.

If you are facing a problem with your Xbox you can always reach Microsoft support but there are some initial steps you can perform from your end. So, if your console is throwing trouble in an update there are some possible solutions:

1. Check your internet connection.
2. Could be a technical glitch so, you can retry with another browser.
3. Reboot your Xbox one console. Most of the times rebooting a advice resolves the minor issues clearly.

In cases where you have shut down your Xbox and now it won’t power on. Now this one is quite scary.

1. First of all, please recheck if everything is connected properly.
2. Check your power supply and unplug re-plug your Xbox one
3. Do not waste much time if your power supply is working but Xbox one isn’t.

If you see an unexpected shutdown, this is also a problem and needs your special attention

1. Check if the Xbox one is overheating. Make sure your device has proper ventilation.
2. Check if you have turned on automatic turn off. Switch it off if it is enabled.
3. Double check if the AC outlet is working and rush to contact Microsoft if everything seems okay at your end.

There could be other issues with the display, audio or drives. You can check the setting from the console and try finding out if turning on/off some button can resolve this. Else Microsoft support is always there.