Thursday, 30 August 2018

How to build DApps (Decentralized Applications)?

Decentralized applications run on peer to peer network of computers and not on any single computer which means no single person or computer can control these software programs. DApps are the modern way of writing applications on the internet. 

DApps has step by step process:

1. Whitepaper

Basically, white paper is a guide which helps users understand the minute details. The very first step to build a DApp is to publish a white paper with all the features and functionality. Publishing a white paper will make the developers and users from the communities to reach you with the feedback to improve the DApp.

With white paper, you also need a solid roadmap or plan in front of the market. Do not forget to highlight the capabilities and your ideas to build the trust among the community.

2. ICO (Initial coin Offering) Launch

Initial coin offering is the modern way of introducing your coin to the public. This is the time when your token is sold in the market for the first time. You need to announce and explain how you are ICO is going to be. Find the interested communities and share if your DApp will have pre-mined token or available after mining.

It is very important to be transparent in terms of your launch and allocation of tokens. You should publish the distribution of budget in terms of development, market and other essential aspects.

3. Development

So, you have released your white paper and ICOs now it is time for development. Communities will be interested in knowing the progress of the DApp. The best practice is to share weekly and monthly progress in development within the communities.

The developer should focus on,

1.As we know that DApp is decentralized in nature, the source code should be open.

2.The record should be stored in blockchain platform

3.Updating about the development will put the faith of the communities in your DApp and this will set up the base for the token in the market.

4. Launch

It is advised to complete the product before the deadline to meet the expectations of the users. Once your product is developed. While launching the product make sure to release the detailed notes and maintenance plan.

Keep updating your token time to time as mentioned in a white paper to establish a clear vision among the community.

Future of DApps

The present time seems to be on the verge of decentralization which is about to conquer the internet and applications.

Everything that can be decentralized will be decentralized as per David A Johnson.