Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Investing in Cryptocurrencies? Tips to Survive in The Bear Market

Crypto market is the most volatile market and there is nothing new if you see the market in red. There could be any reason for this like a new listing of the coin, listing on a new exchange, blockchain dependency, etc. A single bad news turns the market red with a big bump. The stillness in the market develops negativity and results in no new money flowing in the crypto market.

That is why a good crypto investor should have a strategy and should know when to buy or sell. There are some tips you can keep in mind to bear this volatile market and make the best out of it as the bear market gives the best opportunity to grow in the crypto world.


1. Look for the best time to buy

Sometimes the best way to not lose money is to hold on to fiat and wait for the right time to buy. Wait for the market to stabilize and buy when you see the dip. This is the best strategy to grow in every crypto market for the short term and for the long term. As a financial investor, it makes a lot of sense to buy your coin in the lower market.

2. Load your technical analysis

When investing in crypto coins we should always do our research to plan our margins and learn future growth. It is very important to know minute details of the coin you are investing in. Go through the Coinmarket charts, its strength, and future opportunities. Learn the pattern of the coin to analyze its growth after the market starts rising.

3. Search for potential coins

Even if the market is sinking some undervalued coins are the good opportunities to bear the loss. Not all coins are affected at the same time. It would make a big sense to invest in such coins to grow your money instead of waiting for the bear market to overcome.

4. Do not panic sell

Panic selling is a sign that you are not a good trader. Hold your coins instead of selling all your investments at a loss because if the market is down it will go up for sure and then you will regret losing your money.

Thought of losing your money is scary so you always need to be very sure before investing and before selling too. The base of the crypto market is blockchain and it is as strong technology to help you come out of every bear. Cheers !!