Sunday, 29 July 2018

How You Can Speed up Your Apple Watch

Apple watch is generations old now and if you have got one of the initial generations Apple watch you might be seeing lag or slowness and sometimes getting an error like apple watch is not responding. This is quite heartbreaking and if you are experiencing this you should read the article for sure. If you are planning to buy a new generation apple watch because of this issue you should try some fix first.


Your apple watch is synced with your iPhone and if you have numerous apps open in your device it will consume memory of your watch which results in lag. You can try below methods:

1. Restart your watch

A reboot will clear rough apps and memory and can increase the speed by fixing a lot of stuff.
To restart your watch, you need to press and hold the Side button until appears Power Off slider. Drag the slider, press and hold the Side button for few seconds and your Apple watch will restart.

2. Close apps from the Dock

A lot of applications running on your device can affect the performance of your watch and you can force quit an application from your watch instantly.

3. Disable Auto app install

As your watch is synced with your iPhone so whenever you install any app on your iPhone it automatically installs the same App on your Apple watch. This will take unnecessary space of your Apple watch and you should turn off the Automatic App install feature.

4. Disable background app refresh

The background app refresh feature consumes a lot of memory and battery of your device. This feature refreshes the content of apps in the background. To disable the feature, open the watch app and go to My watch tab. Go to the General >> Background App Refresh and disable Background App Refresh feature for specific apps.

5. Reduce Motion

The reduce motion feature reduces the animation on your Apple watch and will lead to reducing the slowness. You can do it directly from the watch or from the iOS watch app. Once the feature will be enabled you will experience less animation on your watch.

After all of this, you should always update your Apple watch software as the device gets better with new updates and bug fixes. These methods will surely make a difference in the performance of your Apple watch. If in case, you still feel it is very slow or unresponsive, get this checked from an authorized center.