Friday, 6 July 2018

How to Speed Up Your Android Smartphone - Best Tips

Android smartphones are the biggest selling phones and are loved by people due to its versatility and adaptation. Your android phone has everything there should be in a smartphone from processors to ram, storage capacity and features. However, the fact of your android phone will slow down with time seems horrible and most of the times irritating too. We often remove cached data, files and folders install various antivirus applications to protect our phone.

There are multiple more things you can do to speed up your android phone.


1. Keep your android version up to date Always

In every android version update, there are multiple bug fixes, security updates, and optimization. The Android update is not only about new features but is also significant to speed up your device.

2. Stop background running Apps

Background apps take more battery and ram usage and reduce the performance of your device. Always clear the apps you are not using to free up your ram.

3. Switch of Auto-sync

Auto-sync is a constant update of your android device and uses your Android battery that creates lag in the device. You can always turn off auto-sync of your device from settings. You can select which apps really need auto sync and which don’t. Disable auto-syncing for the apps that do not require to be synced on a real-time basis. 

4. Turn on data saver mode

When data server mode is enabled in android device, the system blocks all the background data usage and apps to focus on foreground activities. Data saver mode uses fewer data and results in faster surfing.

5. Clean your home screen

Live wallpapers, widgets, multiple apps make a messy cluttered home screen which often creates lag. Cleaning up the home screen and reducing windows will increase the efficiency of your device.

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6. Clear the cached data.

You have been doing this since always to increase the speed of your device. This is the most common method of clearing your device make to make your smartphone quick and should be done at a regular level. Now a day some android phones have this phone manager feature inbuilt.

And if you have tried everything and nothing works, factory reset is the way. Before factory reset always take back up of your device or else you will lose all your data. Even if factory reset also doesn’t work, it’s time to look for a new device and buy one. Cheers!!