Tuesday, 31 July 2018

How to Back Up Windows 7 and Recover Data Using the System Image

We all know that backing up our data is critical now a day or else we might end up losing the important files and memories of years. Anything can happen anytime like your hard drive crashes or laptop stolen and we should be ready always. By ready I mean we should have a backup of our data on the regular basis so as to keep our data secure.

Backing up Windows PC is not a tough task these days. Windows 10 has multiple ways to back up the system without using any third-party tool. Windows built-in system image tool is one of the backup tool which is easy to use and stores everything you have saved in your computer including the installation, additional drives, applications or anything you have stored.


How to back up using system image in windows 7

There are multiple options you can store the backup on like a secondary drive, network drive, blank DVD or external hard drive. I would always suggest you take a backup in an external storage so that you can quickly disconnect and store it in some other place to keep it safe. 

Let us go step by step:
1. Connect your external storage to your PC.
2. Open Control Panel.
3. Navigate to System and security
4. Hit Backup and Restore
5. Click on “Create a system image” in the left upper side
6. Once you click on create a system image you will get options to select “where do you want to save your backup”.
7. Select the option among hard drive, DVD or network location and click on next.
8. On the next page click on “Start backup” to start your system backup.

Your system will start backing up your data including everything that is in the main drive as well as a partition.  This backup uses shadow technology which means you can continue your work and your files will be backed up in the background including the ones you are working on.

Once the system image will be created you will get a prompt to create a repair disc to put the image you have created in a CD or DVD. This is totally up to you whether you want to create a repair disc or not. You can create a repair disc anytime you want from “system and security”.

How to recover data using the system image

1.    Insert the drive or the DVD and restart your computer.
2.    Once your system will restart select system image recovery option
3.    Restart your computer again and insert the disc.