Sunday, 29 July 2018

How Blockchain Will Bring Revolution in Gaming.

The blockchain is the new emerging technology and it is making its way in every other field be it cryptocurrencies, Banking, Healthcare, cyber security and what not. Blockchain has stepped into the Gaming world and it is going to revolutionize the gaming world without any doubt. Gaming and Blockchain both are innovative fields with the never-ending competition. Video gaming these days is more than just gaming and blockchain is more than just a technology.

Gaming now a day is itself a business and is involved in paid transactions for coins or various other items. The transactions aren’t secure and there is no transparency. How these transactions are made, what is consistency and whom to interact with and what is the guarantee. Though gamer small or big are involved in gaming, however, there is no ownership of anything.


The blockchain is the solution to every confusion. It’s a digital asset in which transactions aren’t stored in any local computer but on networks of computers and the transactions are valid in any case. Blockchain technology is entirely decentralized and there is no central authority and control is with individual users. If a player is owning virtual goods in-game and buying them, they should be able to sell them or at least own them. This brings the career opportunity, gaming, and blockchain together at the same page.

  • The technology will allow gamers to use their characters and goods in parallel games. A parallel gaming environment could be established with total transparency.
  • Blockchain can increase the value of gaming virtual goods. There should be a platform to encash, trade and share the gifts and goods earned in the game. Blockchain can make the gaming a digital asset.
  • As blockchain uses an encrypted ledger to store assets it is totally a guaranteed and safe storage. The virtual asset will be available for users wherever they go in their virtual wallet.
  • Generally, games are in the hand of its developers and there is no legal way to claim your asset however with blockchain decentralization it will be in the hands of the gamers itself and transactions will be transparent. This will bring more trust and more security.
  • The blockchain is revolution itself and cannot be hacked. This is the most promising factor to bring revolution in the gaming world as it assures the asset.

Blockchain will impact the gaming world like nothing before. The way people think of gaming will be changed and there will be a whole new level.