Thursday, 14 June 2018

Tron (TRX) After the MainNet launch, All You Need to Know

Tron (TRX) has been one of the very promising cryptocurrencies since the beginning of its struggle in this mighty crypto market. Tron has been in the eye of many investors and traders for quite a long time. This token is at the 10th position with the market capitalization of $2,794,294,745 as per

Tron (TRX) has been very much transparent with its investors and the market even before its launch. Tron team is very active and about the development of the token and the fact that all its upcoming updates have already been published in its white paper before its launch. This transparency has gained the trust of the investors across the globe as they are always aware of what is happening with the token.


Development and Status

If we talk about the development of the coin, the coin is in its Odyssey2 phase after the imperial Mainnet launch. Tron team is continuously working in its technical development and various changes have been implemented recently. The interface of the token has been changed and RPC (Remote Procedure Call) has been removed to increase. Multiple payment methods have been introduced and it is now more user-friendly. Tron (TRX) wallet has also undergone few changes during the week and is still under debugging process. Soon they will be testing the optimization of browser wallet.

In our last article, we shared that as per the Tron whitepaper, Tron (TRX) is going to own BitTorrent soon which now has been confirmed. When it comes to entertainment Tron never fails to impact the globe. On June, 11 BitTorrent is officially acquired by Tron, however, no other financial details have been provided. Neither Tron team nor the BitTorrent has commented on the same.

This Mainnet launch has increased expectations from the coin and now it’s the turn of TRON super representative election. Many big companies and organizations have enlisted themselves to be the part of this election. Justin says, “you do not have to be a big organization to be the super representative you just have to submit your server location, official website, team members, and social media accounts”. Surely this election is going to be exciting.

Though we are seeing a huge dip in the price, however, the correction phase will be over soon. Once the price will come to a stable platform, investors’ confidence will be restored. This token has been performing great and justifying its whitepaper and so saying that future of the coin is secure wouldn’t be wrong.