Thursday, 7 June 2018

OmiseGo (OMG) an Altcoin or Much More is Surely Your Next Big Investment.

Omisego (OMG) created by a venture-backed payment services company is a separately operated platform commonly known as a crypto token. Omisego (OMG) is owned by its token holders and not by its venture Omisego. This crypto toke is built on Ethereum platform and uses Proof-of-state(PoS) algorithm.

We have known Omisego as cryptocurrency however its goal is to provide an alternative to online exchanges. Since a couple of months, this 20th best-ranked cryptocurrency has been through some very interesting exchanges which could lead to its growth more.


Listing on Unocoin

As we all know to list to some new exchange is always a good news in terms of new opportunities and growth as coin gets new exposure in the new exchange environment. Unocoin, one of the very absolute promising exchange platform is also among the top Asian exchanges. That being said, this has given Omisego an altogether a great opportunity to probe into the Asian market.

Omisego and Cosmos to be one

Yes, you read it right !! This trending altcoin has announced its “Hard spoon” with another altcoin Cosmos. Hard spoon is different from classic term hard fork in which a crypto coin is basically upgraded resulting in totally new coin like Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin or just a feature upgrade. In simple terms, a Hard spoon is predominantly merging of two crypto tokens to generate a new token.

It's been long that Omisego and Cosmos are already working towards this merge to give a new crypto asset to the market on the tendermint blockchain. This newly launched asset will surely provide a logical balance to both the cryptos Omisego and Cosmos. So, after this merge, Omisego is supposed to take a rise in its position in the crypto market. There is no specific date announced for the hard spoon event however it is expected to be until the end of June.

Omisego is one of the cryptocurrencies that I believe has provided a good profit to its investors and disappointed at the same time with its value fell to very low numbers. It is a strong currency with always expanding the market. With its upcoming projects, Omisego has already pulled the seat belt and geared its drive. This hard spoon and a new listing are surely gonna be a good news for Omisego traders and I am sure this will increase its price value and market cap. So keep your eye to your token as it is gonna hit something big soon. Cheers !!