Sunday, 10 June 2018

Monero (XRM), Lithium Luna Update and New Listing

Monero, an open source crypto launched in April 2014 by Bitcointalk forum user was initially named BitMonero. BitMonero is a compound of Bit (Bitcoin) and Monero (means coin). The coin was later decided to be named Monero as a short of BitMonero. The Monero coin has set its absolute spectrum in the crypto market due to its high privacy, security and untraceable feature.

The coin is really unique in terms of its privacy and ensures that all the trading transactions of users should be kept confidential which is untraceable as well.


Lithium Luna, the latest update

Recently this coin has come up with its digital walled upgrade. On June 4th, official twitter handle of Monero announced that new Monero update is available for its users. The new Monero version “Monero CLIv0.12.2.0” commonly known as Lithium Luna will be available with full ledger support as per the development team of the coin. This fully-fledged ledger support has been long expected by XRM holders however the Monero development team seems to delay the update however the team soon is going to release GUI binaries for the new update. This new release is expected to be in next week which means X holders can expect GUIT binaries in few days.

This Lithium Luna update isn’t just a small update for the development team as they also changed Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm. The team has tightened the belt to make sure that the new update fits in the existing security parameters with the updated features of the Monero coin. That is how Monero cannot compromise on its security and privacy and now is making more safe and secure asset.

Monero listing on Huobi Pro

With the latest launch of lithium Luna, Monero touches the listing to Huobi Pro which surely is a treat for its holders. Huobi pro tweeted that Monero (XRM) will be available with trading pairs BTC and ETH on June 8th and all interested investors will be free to trade XRM on this exchange.

Of course, after the latest update and delisting from two Asian exchanges, Monero needed a big platform to strategically increase its visibility in the market. Korbit and Coincheck decided to delist all the privacy coins including Dash and Zcash with Monero.

So far Monero has maintained its record to be one of the superior coins. Monero (XRM) might have lost two listings but Huobi Pro listing is expected to pull the strength back to skyrocket in following weeks.