Monday, 4 June 2018

How to Start Ethereum, Litecoin, altcoins, Bitcoin Cloud Mining to Become a Millionaire

Cloud mining is the best way to mine some bitcoin or altcoins if you don't have the hardware to mine from your home and hardware mining is riskier than cloud mining, because of the power cost, maintenance, and difficulty increases. Bitcoin attracting more investors because of its huge value raising on these days and few unimaginable predictions are spreading on the internet about the future of cryptocurrencies. So this is the right time for you to mine and own some popular cryptocurrencies if you haven't invested in bitcoin or other altcoins. Already a few investors made millions of dollars from cryptocurrencies using their small investments and its growth is unbelievable.


Cryptocurrency Mining

You need to spend 2000 or 3000 dollars to buy a hardware if you want to do hardware mining. But cloud mining only needs a small investment and no need to worry about the electricity charges or hardware failures. But we need to find a genuine and reputed cloud mining site because of more scams in the name of cloud mining and most of the cloud mining sites are fake and won't pay you properly.

In this post, I am listing two genuine and popular cloud mining websites for you to start mining.

1. Hashflare is the best mining site and as a user, we can easily access it to start mining. You can buy hash power from it using your affordable money and after buying, your cloud mining will immediately get started. Payouts will be done at every 24 hours and your earnings predictions will be shown separately on hashflare. So it is easy for you to know how much money you can make per day to a year. You can buy as low as 10 GH/s and maximum 10 TH/s. Other than mining it will pay you 5% of the money who join and invest to hashflare through your referral link. So you can make some more money other than mining using referral option.


2. Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is the best alternative for hashflare because of its genuine service and popularity. Its major mining cryptocurrency is bitcoin. After your purchasing contract from genesis mining your mining will start immediately and it will be shown on your profile. Payment will be made after every 48 hours. The Genesis Mining website allows you to mine, bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, Zcash, monero, ethereum, and dash. You no need to pay any pool fees for mining on this website. You can able to choose four types of the plan which they offer and according to the affordable money you can choose it, starter plan, medium plan, large plan and custom plan.


If you didn't start cloud mining yet, then you should realize this is the right time to generate some coins using these best services. Because cryptocurrencies are the future and it can make you a millionaire. I wish you a happy mining.