Friday, 22 June 2018

How to Keep Your iOS Device Away From Malware

Technology is rising and so is malware and threat to our sensitive data. We keep all our personal data in our cell phone and it’s a nightmare to lose them all due to malware. Although Apple is always improving the security of Apple devices however it can still be hacked and if not hacked, a malware attack is always possible for sure. Hackers always have a way or another to reach your device through the app store or iCloud or many more.

iOS Device Malware

1. Stay updated

You always need to keep your iOS device always updated. Regularly updating your device is a step ahead to keep your device away from malware and threat. All you need to do is download the latest iOS version available in a software update.

2. Find my phone

Always enable find my phone, repeat always!!
If you lose your iPhone you can always log in from another iOS device or web and wipe your data remotely so that no one can access your personal data with below steps,

  • Log into
  • Navigate to Find My iPhone
  • Use Device drop-down menu to locate your device
  • Select the device and click erase

Even if your lost device is not connected to the internet, the next time your device will come in the network it will erase all the data automatically.

3. Remove other profiles

Many times, we do not realize while installing third-party apps that we have allowed unknown profiles to our iPhone. Always make sure that you are giving access to authentic profiles only. All you need to do is go to Settings > General > Profiles on your device and choose “Delete Profile.”

4. 2-factor Authentication

Tow factor authentication is a must for your security and it’s not just for your iOS but everywhere. This feature allows you to login to a new device through some trusted device. Whenever you will try to login to a new device with Apple Id, a notification message will be sent to your trusted device. This gives you an extra layer of security for sure.

5.    Strong Passcode

Apple has a six-digit passcode feature which used to be four digits once. The six-digit passcode is stronger and almost impossible to crack. Make sure you use a strong passcode which includes numbers and alphabets both. Keep changing your passcodes time to time and seek help from passcode manager if you need.

iPhone users don’t like to hear that iPhone can be attacked too though prevention is better than cure always.