Sunday, 10 June 2018

Gmail has Got a New Feature with “Confidential Mode”

Google has recently updated its mailing service Gmail with the new design and several new features. This new interface offers greater control to the sender with privacy boost. This refreshed design is only available for web version not on mobile devices. Some of the features like snooze and smart reply are already part of Gmail inbox app and now Google has implemented the same on the web as well.

The new Gmail design has a sidebar with multiple options like Calendar, notes or side by side tasks. This sidebar is the most useful feature of this update which allows a quick and efficient management of tasks. You can choose your own interface among the three layouts among default view, comfortable view and a compact view.


While all these features offer a great control, another feature “confidential mode” received criticism too. The aim to introduce the feature is to provide another level of privacy to the sender.  With confidential mode, senders can protect emails by putting passcode, restrict the ability to copy, forward, download or print them. While sending the email sender can also set an expiration date which will lead to automatic deletion of the email after the date.

Sending an email with the confidential mode.

To access confidential mode users will have to switch to the new interface and follow below steps:

1. Click on “compose” (To compose new email)
2. In the bottom right of the window, hit “turn on confidential mode” (clock icon). 
3. Set an expiration date. (email will be deleted after this date). 
4. Choose a passcode no SMS Passcode or SMD Passcode.

If you choose no SMS passcode, recipients using Gmail will be able to open it directly and recipients who are not using Gmail will receive an email with the passcode.

If you choose SMS Passcode, recipients will receive a passcode on their phone number. Make sure you enter the recipient’s phone number correct.

Note:- Emails attachments cannot be downloaded.

Click save.
This confidential mode is in talk and experts are saying that it be used to bully or harass by sending and deleting emails automatically, however, this just one part of the mode and the savior part is that only the content of the email expires. The timestamp, subject and sender details get saved as the paper trail in recipient’s inbox.  Further recipient always has the option to block any sender or report it to Google if it's abusive or bullying.