Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Holding Tron (TRX)? Here is What You Need to Know - MainNet Launch

The market seems to be disappointing since a week, however, Justin sun, the founder of Tron has given positive signals to Tron holders. Numerous events have been lined up in coming days with the mainnet launch. The coin is strongly holding its place in the market and still in 9th position as per coinmarketcap.com. Tron has the vision to make the web space totally decentralized. The mainnet launch is surely a good news for Tron Holders as Tron will now have its own Blockchain platform instead of Ethereum’s.


Most of the time after a big event or launch, price takes a dip. That is because the pre-event pump is often more than the expected post-event pump. During the last major event of Tron, there was a huge price dump However, this is very unlikely in this case as multiple events are lined up to balance the dip if happens. So with every second passing, there are speculations to what could happen with the price, a dip or boom most likely positive expected.

Post MainNet Launch

Before the MainNet launch, Tron team has worked on testing of Tron wallet, MainNet and stability operations. The Developers have performed various test to test new tokens on the Tron Wallet and their bug fixing. Developers have improved exception handling and log information. Various modules have been prepared to increase the transaction speed and pressure testing. At this MainNet launch, Tron is to migrate from its existing ERC-20 standards to its own blockchain.

After the MainNet launch Tron also has its virtual machine launch nearby and after that, they have planned token swap event. This swap event will require help from various crypto exchanges and will force users to move their money to the exchange from the wallet they are using. If your token is held in Crypto Exchanges as Bitfinex or Binance you don’t need to take any step, however, if it’s in some other exchange or wallet, which is not listed in the supporting official list you need to transfer the token before it gets too late. Well, there is time for this upgrade so exchanges and holders have plenty of time to switch.

We also have heard that Justin sun is moving towards torrent and there might be a good news in that area too as this fact is mentioned in the Whitepaper. This definitely states that Sun has a great business mind and investing in his business can make you great money as well.