Monday, 23 January 2017

Mini Pocket Sized AirSelfie Camera Drone for Selfie Lovers

Taking selfie is a passion for many of us, at first, people used their hands to take a selfie. Later it transformed to selfie stick, it helped selfie lovers to take photos easily. Now a new technological innovation named AirSelfie introduced on the market to make everyone happy.  It is the right time for us to transform from Selfie Stick to AirSelfie. Because it is a tiny drone which can fly and take selfies with good quality images. The Airselfie has been invented in London with various salient features and has been published on November 17, 2016. The shipping orders will be started delivering from March 2017.


The Airselfie can be connected to the smartphones using its own WiFi network which is at a range of about 2.4 GHz. The camera is of 5 MP and can take both photos and videos. It could cover or travel a maximum height of 20 meters or 66 feet. It can be used for both iPhone and the Android smartphones. Timer settings are done in 10 seconds, which captures a maximum of eight photos. A storage of 4 GB micro SD card is placed which stores the photos. The Airselfie includes four propellers and is very slimy which can be placed inside a mobile case. They made a fixed rate of about $249 for each Airselfies.

The Airselfies are the first flying cameras that can be easily connected to all smartphones. Airselfies can be controlled by the smartphones by the same user using it to the required direction and height. The main theme of this Airselfies is to take air selfies for the selfie lovers. Group photos with friends and the family members can be easily taken using Airselfies. Airselfies includes the rechargeable battery and external power bank is also available for it. The feedback is that Airselfie can fly only about 3 minutes per each charge. The in-flight stability system made in Airselfies helps them to take clear images and videos.


Airselfies can be pre-ordered in Kick starter and the delivery begins to start from March 2017 to the customers. The weight of the Airselfie measures about 52g and the case is made of aluminum. The size measures about 3.72 * 2.65 * 0.42 inches, which are smaller than the smartphones. Airselfies can be recharged within 30 minutes and they can be attached to the smartphones using the special mobile cover which includes the battery for the Airselfies. The power bank gives a full charge for 20 times to the Airselfies. Airselfies can work just for 3 minutes on each full charge.

The Airselfie can be used,

  • To take group photos and videos with family members, relatives, and friends.
  • Airselfie at a height of 20 meters can be taken easily.
  • It can also be used as spy cameras in the special office meeting.
  • Helps to take photos which are not possible normally.

The working of Airselfies can be made easily by the users by downloading the app in both smartphones and iPhones. They can move them left or right by using the smartphones easily.