Wednesday, 25 January 2017

5 Tips to Increase Trust Flow and Citation Flow of Your Blog

Now Google Page Rank almost lost its popularity because of new metrics like domain authority, trust flow, and citation flow introduced as New Search Engine Algorithms. These two metrics are ruling the SEO world on these days and now most of the SEO followers started following Domain authority, TF and CF algorithm's by neglecting Google's Page Rank system to improve their blog's ranking and visibility on search engines. Domain Authority predicts how your blog going to perform on Google search results. Already we discussed What is Domain Authority and how to check and improve it on our Previous post, so in this article, let us see about Trust Flow and Citation Flow Algorithm briefly.


Flow Metrics

This new Search Engine metric is developed and introduced by a company named Majestic in the year 2012. Using this Flow metrics algorithm Google rank and give importance for a blog to reach higher positions on its search engine. This Flow metric works depending on the quality and trustful links which are flowing to your blog. Flow metrics indicate the flow of entire links to your blog in logarithmic scale between the range 0-100 numbers. If your Flow number is lesser, then it indicates your blog's signal strength is low and if it is high, then it will be stronger. It shows the flow of links accurately because it crawls and updates its system every day. 


What is Citation Flow

It indicates the popularity of a blog, Citation Flow will be always higher for most of the blogs. Because low-quality links will be counted as Citation Flow, only a few links will get placed in Trust Flow. If your blog has more Trust Flow links when compared to citation Flow, then definitely it will hurt your blog rankings. So we have to keep an eye on Citation Flow always to build it equally.

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What is Trust Flow

It is measured using how many qualities, authority and trusty external backlinks flowing to your blog. Gaining trustful links is much harder nowadays because there will be only a few high authority sites that provide trustful links. So Trust Flow will be always lower than Citation Flow. It won't hurt your blog, But we should concentrate to build both the links in a parallel order. If a lot of high authority trustful links flow to your blog, it will make your blog rank higher and generate more traffic. Trust flow is highly related to blog traffic so we should give importance to it than citation flow.

How to Check TF and CF?

You can find the rank of Trust flow and Citation flow of your blog on Majestic SEO Site. Just enter your domain URL in the search box. It will find the link flow and give quick results for your domain.

The majestic website shows CF and TF ranks and how many external backlinks you have for your domain and some other backlink details.

Tips to Increase Citation Flow and Trust Flow

1. For doing this you should build backlinks manually and should not use any paid SEO services for building backlinks, because most of the backlink building services does not do properly what they promise to us. So it may harm our blog rankings.

2. If you build one backlink in the High ranked site, then build one link in low authority site. Follow this trick constantly. It will give higher results.

3. Try to build High Authority backlinks through a guest post, it will become as your blog's permanent backlink. Because backlinks from profiles and comments can be removed at any time from the high authority sites. It will create unstable rank and traffic for your blog.

4. Get backlinks from Many Social media pages, it will make Google believe, your blog as the trustful site. Because most of the social media sites are highly trusted by Google. It will show positive signal to Google and improve Trust Flow ranking.

5. Often Check your Trust and Citation Flow ranking on Majestic site and check the improvements of your blog rankings.

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