Friday, 30 December 2016

Male Reproductive System - Genital Organs and Functions

The Reproductive system in male, which includes the number of primary and accessory sex organs for the production of sperm is called as the Male Reproductive System. The sperm helps in the process of fertilization.


The major classification of the Male Reproductive system includes

  • External genital organs
  • Internal genital organs  

External genital organs

The male genital organs which are found on the outer surface of the body are called as the external genital organs. It includes,

  • The penis
  • The Urethra
  • The scrotum


The penis is a single tube-like structure which extends between the scrotum and the urethra. The penis has been classified into three regions namely,
  • Root
  • Body
  • Glans

The penis includes only the urethra. The root is connected to the upper region of the scrotum. The body of the penis is made of a special soft tissue, which enlarges at erection when blood passes through it. The glans is the tip region of the penis which includes the urethral opening.



The urethra is the tube which extends from the urinary bladder and end at the tip of the glans. The main role of the urethra is,

  • carry out the urine
  • ejection of semen


The scrotum is the small pouch-like organ which lies below the penis and the upper region of both thighs. The major role of the scrotum is to hold the testes in them.


Internal genital organs

The male reproductive organs found inside the human body are called as the internal genital organs. It involves,

  • The testes
  • The epididymis
  • The vasdeferens


In the male reproductive system, the testes are two in number. The tests are slightly oval in shape. It lies inside the scrotum. The main function of testes includes the production of,

  • Sperm and,
  • Male hormones.


It is a small tube-like structure. The sperms produced in the tests are stored in the epididymis. 

Vas deferens

This is a tube which takes the sperms stored in the epididymis and carries them to the seminal vesicle tube and forms a small duct called the ejaculatory duct which opens into the urethra.

The Male sex glands

The male sex glands are the accessory sex glands which secrets the semen. These semen gets mixed with the sperms and are ejected out during ejaculation. The three accessory glands are,

  • The seminal vesicles
  • The prostate gland
  • The bulbourethral glands

The prostate gland is chestnut in shape and found below the urinary bladder.