Thursday, 24 November 2016

Why Mobile Phones are Hanging or Freezing and How to Solve it

Mobile Phones are an unavoidable invention which helps to communicate with everyone easily. Nowadays, Mobile phones are the important need for our daily life to get done works faster. Millions of people using Mobile Phones around the world, so we can say this awesome gadget is connecting the universe together.

We get lots of advantages when using smartphones, but we face few problems while using it. Mobile Phones Hanging or Freezing is the common problem which occurs in most of the smartphones. So in this post, I am discussing how to solve this problem to avoid your mobile to get a freeze or hang.


1. Close Multiple Applications

Don't run many applications together on Mobile Phones because this will produce heat on your device and its lead to a hanging problem.

2. Install Applications on External Memory

This is the common mistake everyone does with our Mobile Phones. Many of them don't care about the low space in Phone memory that makes your mobile hang in most cases. We should choose an external memory to install applications and to save photos, documents or other high memory occupying data.

3. Make Free Space on External Memory

Let some free space on External Memory always because this will also create a hanging problem. If your External memory is full, then just transfer all the data to your personal computer and make the external memory free.

4. Avoid Installing Heavy Applications

If your mobile is with low configuration, then don't install heavy applications on it. Sometimes heavy applications make your phone hang.

5. Update Software Regularly

You should regularly update your mobile phone's software because the old software won't support new applications. So connect internet on your mobile and check often for software updates.

6. Install a Good Antivirus

Sometimes the virus will also make your smartphone hang so keep an eye on it and Install the best antivirus application and secure your phone.

7. Delete Unnecessary Files

Clear all the unwanted files from your mobile phones and delete the cache and cookies regularly.

If you don't want to get your mobile phone freeze or hang then follow these 7 steps properly and make your phone long live.