Monday, 28 November 2016

How to Find Spy or Hidden Cameras to Protect Our Privacy

Nowadays some people use Hidden Cameras in an unethical way of spying and to steal the privacy of others. It will destroy the secrets of a person and most of the time it stands against women and feminism.

In our daily life, we often hear about the issue of people who are affected by Hidden Cameras. Now spy cameras came with different models and sizes, so it became comfortable for its users to use it anywhere.

This is the common issue which is threatening every one of us. So we have to aware and learn about how to identify Hidden Cameras to protect ourselves. Here I am providing a few tips to find and protect you from those illegal activities.


 1. Find Hidden Cameras Using Mobile Phone

Make a Phone Call and move your phone near to the things which you feel hidden camera might be placed. The Electromagnetic field emission will take place on Hidden cameras and it will produce buzzing noises on your mobile phone, so you can easily find those cameras.


I won't say all mobile phones are capable to find spy cameras using this technique because some mobile phones won't make noise. For checking whether your phone can act as a hidden camera detector or not,

1. Just make a call and place your phone near to the speaker.
2. Give a call from another phone to the mobile which is near to the speaker.

If it produces different noises, then your phone can able to find the hidden cameras.

2. Use Wireless Hidden Camera Detector

You can buy a better wireless hidden camera detector from eCommerce sites like eBay or Amazon. Now it is available in many electronic shops too, so you can buy it from the nearest shop and make use of it.


3. Find possible Locations, Where Spy Camera is Hidden

When you visit new places or hotels you have to make sure that you are not being watched by someone. Just check the items in your rent room, for example; door lock holes, lamps, wall clock, screwdriver holes, plastic flowers or plants,. etc..


These are the simple ways to find Hidden Cameras. Just follow these procedures when you stay in new places to protect your privacy.