Thursday, 7 April 2016

Google Gravity I'm Feeling Lucky Secret Trick

Google Zero Gravity is an amazing trick that makes you feel, what will happen if gravity affects Google. Google is a legend in the search world which occupied the hearts of every internet users as a teacher, data collector, trend changer or with another role. Google provides the information what we need within a few seconds before we close and open the eyes.

We need Google in our daily life to know and learn something new and which is happening around the world. Under the search, Numerous sites will be listed with the quality information, what we really need and satisfy us with lots of quality information. Google gravity is a trick that shows how Google will be if big gravity pressure occurs there. This awesome and funny project was developed by Mr.doob.

Google Gravity

For seeing this awesome Google Gravity working trick just visit the link: "Google Gravity". After that, you can see the page will fall down when you move your mouse.  You can also throw the boxes everywhere, that will attract everyone who has never tried Google Gravity before.

Some Other Interesting Facts About Google:

1. Just search the keyword on Google  "I want to commit suicide". Google will give a Suicide helpline number in its search results.

2. See how this young girl approaches Google to give vacation leave for his dad who is working with Google company.

3. Atari breakout is another one amazing trick you can apply to Google Images. Just enter the keyword "Atari Breakout" on Google Images.

The Atari Breakout game will open in Google Images. This is one of the hidden Google tricks that most of the people don't know.

I hope you have read and enjoyed the Google Gravity I'm Feeling Lucky trick and other interesting facts about Google. Just Keep reading News Bucket to know about many interesting tricks and tips of technological inventions.