Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Latest Technologies in Computer Science and its Impacts

The manufacturers of the computer chip are now trying to design the chip that can provide the best performance.  However, to be able to find the best design, the manufacturer should know the type of the software that the clients are using. The example is that the program that models the protein folding, do use too much of computing power but there is little data. This is why the manufacturer understands how they should design the chips to make too many central processing units but which will use less memory storage compared to what it is found with different chips. 


The problem with this one of latest technologies in computer science is because the major corporation from the Wall Street and other firms are not willing to share the codes they have with the outsiders. This is why it is becoming hard for such manufacturers to make the best chip according to the companies.  To be able to address this problem is to address it by the user of the performance cloning. The concept that it is found behind the performance cloning is through giving the profiler of the software to its clients from the chip manufacturer. The client is going to use his profiler in order to assess the proprietary software and the profiler should generate the statistical report about the performance of the software. The report may be given to the chip manufacturer and this does not compromise the code and the data of the clients.

The profiler report should then be fed through the generator software and this is going to develop through the synthetic programs which mimic the performance characteristics of the software of the clients. The synthetic programs may then serve as the basis for designing the chips that will meet the needs of the clients even better. 

The researchers had developed software through the use of two new techniques that can optimize the memory system. One technique is known as MEMST which is for Memory Emulation Using Stochastic Traces, they are able to assess the memory through the use of the synthetic programs and in focusing on an amount of the memory of the programs that they are using. The locations of the data should be retrieved with the retrieval pattern. A second technique known as MeToo, it focuses on the memory timing behavior and how often the programs can retrieve the data when the program has the periods for which there are many memories that are requested in shortest time.  The memory timing behavior may have some significant impact on the memory system that has already been designed. 

Another one of the latest technologies in computer science is the possibility of the human verification that uses voice-based authentication system for the user can be vulnerable to the attacks of impersonation.  By the use of a voice morphing tool, the researchers had developed a voice impersonation attack which may attempt in penetrating the automated and human verification systems. The voice of the person is a part of his daily life. It helps the people to communicate in the physical proximity and in the remote locations through the use of the radios and phones over the internet by the use of the digital media. Since people always use their voice to communicate most of the time, it had become a comfortable practice to do.  However, as the people became comfortable with their voices, they are not aware that the voice is a vulnerable commodity.  People do leave some tracers of the voice in different scenarios. They may talk out too loud when they socialize in the restaurants, make the phone calls, and give the public presentations or even leaving the voice sample over the internet.

The person who has potential malicious intention may record a voice of the person when he is in the proximity of a speaker, making the spam calls or mining or searching of the audiovisual clips over the internet or they may compromise the servers over the cloud that can store the audio information.  The hackers who have the audio samples are able to compromise the privacy, safety, and security of the victims.  By doing a simple video with the voice of a person, the voice of the person can be cloned and this clone can lead to serious results. It is a basis for the authentication of a person and it gives an attack the chance to enter into the privacy of the victim.