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10 Dangerous Exotic Pets in the World that Terrifying the Society

We know that there is no world without duality. So I think it is better to encourage duality instead of blaming. Only there is a day because of night, there is a pleasure because of pain, it is good because of bad. If you switched off one experience you will lose other. So only, blind people never experience darkness because they don't know what is light. But there is a way to be happy at all time by experiencing duality such as dark and light, happiness and sorrow etc. The way is accepting and finding goodness in both ie, you should find goodness in dark and in light, you should accept find goodness when you are healthy and when you are ill healthy. So you will be happy and healthy at all time without getting affected by this world or your own body.


Here, in this article, a list of Dangerous Pets is focused. As I said earlier we are experiencing good pleasureful animals only because of dangerous animals. So we have to encourage danger. Let's begin our list. The List is ordered in my own point of view.

1, Elephant:

If you are going to any Forest and see a group of Elephants, then that is not a problem. They never do anything on you. But instead, if you see any single Elephant in Forest then there is no guarantee for your life. It chases you and kills you. To an average of 100 people are being killed by Elephants every year in India. When a Grandfather near to my Home was young, he used to travel through Forest after finishing his Job at every evening to reach his Home. One day, when he was coming along with his friend, a single Elephant saw them. The Elephant became very angry and begin to chase them. Grandfather run and quickly climb over one big tree. And his friend entered into a rock cave immediately with survival fear.


The Elephant was there for more than 12 hours and hitting on the tree by its head to Kill the Grandpa who is on Tree. So the Grandfather was staying on the tree for a whole night. By luck, Elephant didn't notice the Guy who was in the rock cave and the Tree in which the Grandpa climbed was also very wide and strong. So both were escaped. The Elephant went back at next day morning.


But near to my college, a mountain is there where Elephants live. For every year, one or two people will become the victim of Elephant's anger. Either when people go to Forest or when Elephant enters into the area where people live.


And in certain areas especially in Kerala, India people are domesticating elephants. Elephants show good obedient to its owner and every human being. But when it becomes angry, it unknowingly kills everyone including its owner or cow or even attacks other Elephants. In Kerala (India), Elephants are considered as a most dignified animal. So in every festival and celebration, Malayalees (Kerala People) bring decorated Elephants to celebrate the Festivals or Functions in a grand manner.


But in Kerala, several times Elephants have become angry during the midst of celebrations and killed nearby people including its owner. We can count many such incidents occurred in Kerala even recently. The Elephant shown in below picture is from Jaipur, India.


2, All "Big Cats":

Tiger is a big Cat, very harmful predator for most of the Animals and you cannot underestimate its beauty. It is our bad luck Tiger is non-vegetarian. If it is vegetarian, sure we all will have one Tiger in our Homes. See the play of nature.  The images of all big Cats are given below.


In this .gif image, a Tiger is aggressively attacking a Man sitting above the Elephant with a threatening loud roaring voice. Usually, such a thing never happen when anyone sits above the Elephant and go near to the Tiger. But here occasionally the Tiger attacked him by Jumping even above the height of the Elephant. By the grace of God, he escaped only with a very minor injury in his Hands.


When I was Child I thought all these animals like Cheetah, Leopard, and Tiger are one Animal named "Tiger". Later I come to know that under the Family Felidae there are 7 Big Cats. All are almost similar in appearance and unfamiliar eyes cannot find the differences. Even though these Cats are well trained, we should never trust fully on them because if they got a chance to taste our blood they may show their hereditary behavior. Sometimes they eat us innocently with Love.


The below Picture describes an incident that Occurs in Uttarakhand, India, you see a Leopard is striking a Forest Guard. Then after a Gun Shot the Leopard was trapped and tranquilized.

Leopard Attack

The below picture shows another incident, a Leopard intruded into a village where People Lives (Maharashtra, India) and brought a lot of destruction to their properties. Finally, Forest Department involved and tranquilized the Leopard.

Leopard Attack



Snow Leopard


3, Venomous Snakes:

Snakes like Cobras, Mambas, Russell's Viper, Common Kraits, Puff Adders and Carpet Vipers are most dangerous Snakes even though many other poisonous Snakes are there. Usually, people say Snake never disturbs us until we disturb it. That may be true. But even if we go into its territory unknowingly, it considers we are disturbing it and for its survival it attacks us. There is a possibility to unknowingly walk over the Snake (when we walk on Forest), So Snake attacks us. When we pick big stones or Logs and if Snake is hiding behind it, immediately Snake shows its violence on us.


4, Bears:

bear-01The number of People killed by Black Bear only in North America is 61 since 1900. As per the most Bear enthusiasts, the Bear attacks only when it fears us. If we know to make it comfortable it never attacks us.

Whenever we see "Wild Animals", we should never try to escape by running away. The moment when we begin to run, they begin to chase. Because their nature is Chasing and attacking the runners. I say, "Raise your courage to the maximum level and attack the Animal back". Visit these links to see the example how people makes the wild animals be afraid of them (youtube(dot)com/watch?v=TBpu4DAvwI8, youtube(dot)com/watch?v=sAgBO8H6ba8 and youtube(dot)com/watch?v=TYAYtwirwDw).


5, Bats:

Bats are dangerous in a direct and indirect way. Directly they can bite us and so Viruses can be entered into our body. Indirectly they can harm us by biting our Pets like Dogs. They carry viruses like Nipah, Marburg, Ebola, and Rabies. 80% to 90% of the People has the possibility to lose their life if they got affected by certain Virus that is carried by Bats. In the United States, the average death count because of 'Bat Rabies' is 100/year.


6, Honey Bee:

Honey Bee and even every living creations are serving Humans in a very best way. But to maintain the balance of nature, sometimes these living creations has to take even the life of other living creations including Human Beings. So only nature will be balanced and healthy always. But Human intelligence never allows it. We (except yogis) never bother about the balanced and healthy nature, we just want our survival. So we act against to the creations that harm us. But again we can never find the conclusion in discovering our deathless life.


If a single Honey Bee attacks, it never harms us much. But if you disturb the Swarm (a group of honey bees) found in nests, then you may lose your life. Because the sting of the honey bee has little venom, which causes infection to the Human body. And if you are attacked by hundreds of Honey Bees, then there is no guarantee for the life.


In the village, if anyone attacked by Swarm, they run quickly and jump into the river with a coconut. They hide within the water and allow the coconut to floats on River. So the Swarm begins to attack the coconut that floats and flows towards the direction of River. In this way, they escape safely from Honey Bees.

7, Scorpions:

Most of the Scorpions have only little Venom to kill small insects. But few countable Scorpion Species are very dangerous having enough poison to kill an adult Human Being.


8, Fox:

During my Childhood, elders speak about the dangerous incidents occurred because of Fox. They said "Fox is very Dangerous for newborn babies or young Children. Fox hunts little children from homeless people when mothers turn their attention to doing some work."

The Fox attacked this baby and tried to take him out of the Home Since his Mother saw it when the baby cries, she protected him. The incident occurred in South East London, shown in the picture below.


9, Constrictors:

There are people who own Constrictors (Snakes that constrict) as a Pet in their home. Because Constrictors are not much poisonous to kill Human by using its poison. And they never consider Human Being as a predator. But one or two incidents occurred that constrictors killed Humans (not by poison but by constriction) when they tried to photograph in Forest.


10, Chimpanzees:


In this photo, you can see the Victim who was attacked by Chimpanzee. And you can find many more incidents if you browse in Google.


Only when we ready to die, we begin to live. The more we try to skip our death experience, the more we block our life's freedom. So overcoming death fear is essential than trying to change the world.

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