Monday, 17 March 2014

Python Snake has been Treated as a Pet Animal in Few Homes

It surprised me when I hear the fact that few People are treating Snake as a Pet Animal. I don't know who is the lucky one, the People or the Snake? Python cannot Kill its Prey by using its little bit of poison. This Snake is considered as non-venomous Snake. Python kills its preys only by constriction.

It constricts any animal (predator) and never allows the body to expand. The prey dies without able to breath (Since the ribs of the preys fail to expand to fill the air within). If the ribs of the predator expand at-least to a small level, the snake increases its constriction even more. After killing the prey, it swallows the prey in a single attempt as a single piece.

The whole body of the Snake is elastic and can eat bigger animals like pigs, dears etc. I really confused in thinking how the Snakes know it can eat bigger animals than its head. And another mystery is a Snake-1 can eat Snake-2 that is larger than Snake-1's body itself. Snake has no Nose but it can sense the Smell, Snake has no Ears but it can Sense the earth vibrations created by its prey.

Beautiful skin of Python is used as leather to manufacture Bags, Shoes etc. Some Pythons like P.regius, P.reticulatus, and P.brongersmai are used as pet animals since these Snakes never harm Human Beings. It is believed that the Pythons never attack Human Beings until it is provoked.

Only female Pythons will be violent when they protect eggs. But few accidents are occurring when people are trying to take the photograph of Pythons. Recently news flashed that a Python swallowed a Security Guard when he tried for snaps. But when comparing to other Domestic Animals, Python attack is very minimum. 

In one pregnancy a Female Python lays 12-36 eggs. Female coils its own body around the eggs and gives required temperature and protection too. The duty of the mother is only to wait until the young babies come out. After seeing its Children it gives its wishes and appreciations and leaves away from there. Single Python can live up to 40 years. Never the less, Pythons can swim well and can move up to the speed of 1 mile per hour in a straight open ground.

Python varies from one color to other according to the species and the location where they live. Ball Pythons, Burmese Pythons, and Reticulated Pythons are three verities used as pet animals. All are available in pet stores. Ball Python is most adaptive to human behavior. Reticulated Python is little aggressive and confuses to predict.

Few pet stores are also selling Pythons that are not captivated and taken directly from forests. Only captivated Pythons can be more adaptive to human beings. Pythons in forest eat other snakes, lizards, birds, mammals etc. Foods like a rat, small chicken and mice are given to Domestic Pythons.

Some people give frozen food and others give live food to their pet Pythons. It is always recommended (by a Snake Care) to watch the Pet Pythons when we give live foods like Mice or Rat because if the Pythons are not in the mood to eat, the Rat or Mice may attack and kill the Snake.

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