Tuesday, 1 October 2013

How to Make Money With Hostgator Affiliate Program Using Blog Traffic

If your Blog is getting high traffic then Hostgator Affiliate program will be the best way for you to make higher earnings. Many popular bloggers revealed that Hostgator Affiliate program is the great source for them to make money.

Are you searching for the best Affiliate program to utilize your traffic to make money then Hostgator will fulfill you. Because for each successful referrals using your affiliate referral link they will pay you 50$+.

Many other web hosting providers are there to pay you for referrals but you cannot get this much of payment. So Hostgator will be the best option for every webmaster if they interested in Affiliate marketing. See the screenshot below to know the exact payment method of Hostgator.

Hostgator allows every user to sign-up and use its affiliate program so without becoming a client we can able to easily become a part of it to publish the hosting plans using referral links. Some paid earnings of Hostgator are displayed in the screenshot below.

If you are a new user of Hostgator then you should signup for it. After doing signup you have to fill the payment details with your correct address to receive payment. That's all now you can use the Hostgator affiliate link to get referrals.

Write Articles about Hostgator

One of the best ways to promote Hostgator Affiliate is by writing articles. We have to attract users and make them go through the link to buy their desired plans. Some of the best ways to attract users along with your article is writing advantages and displaying payment proof.

Hostgator is giving attractive affiliate banners for users as HTML code so you can pick a beautiful and catchy banner from the list and display it along with your article. It will surely make readers go through it. And the important thing is should not write about coupons and reviews because it will hurt Hostgator terms and conditions.

Payment Method

Hostgator will allow you to get the payment using two methods, PayPal and check. So you have to select the desired payment option.

Generate Custom Coupons

Hostgator is giving another great option to create custom coupons for affiliate program users. You can generate coupons to make an offer for users by using coupon code 9.95$ or 25% off. This coupon code will be more useful for you to earn some referrals. Should not use your own coupon code to sign-up an account by yourself it will affect you a lot. Generate the coupon with your site domain name because it will make a good opinion on your blog in front of users. Hostgator will allow us to generate up to 10 desired coupons to make use of users.

Advertise your Coupons

Advertising your referral links along with the coupon code is one of the legal methods to earn money. So choose the best ad serving networks to display your referral ads. Advertising will perform well for affiliate marketing.

Use Social Media to Promote

Just start posting your referral links in the Facebook groups, pages, and your profile. Not only in Facebook, share it in other popular social media sites to gain some extraordinary referral income and make your friends and family to join in this great program to earn some extra revenue. You can make income using Hostgator more than $2000+ and they are not giving any limits in payment so you can able to get unlimited money growth.

Hostgator is the best and cheapest leading hosting provider in the world with more than 80 million domains hosting in this company and they giving unlimited bandwidth and Disk space. So selling the plans through referral links is not at all a big task for us because it was already popular on market.

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