Sunday, 20 October 2013

How to Add PHP Codes in Blogger Platform Easily?

This blog post is revealing the way to add PHP codes in Blogger platform for our readers. We know that PHP codes are popular and powerful language when comparing to other computer languages. Most of the paid Webhosting providers give the option for customers to add PHP codes to do web design with their own wish but we cannot expect this option in free hosting service blogger because it won't support PHP codes. But we can manually add it to blogger blog using simple ways. It won't give exact output but normally works well. Now we can go through the topic how to add PHP codes in blogger.


Create a PHP File

First, you should create a PHP file and it is the place for you to add further codes too. If your codes containing any errors then it won't perform well so don't make any mistakes in PHP file. For example, we are creating a small PHP code for you to know how to add it to blogger. So follow the instructions carefully to make your code work in blogger.

echo '<p>Welcome</p>';


Just create your code like the simple example welcome code which is given above and paste it in Notepad application and save it as.PHP file. Example: newsbucket.php

Add PHP File in Google Drive

We cannot host PHP file in blogger because it won't allow it. So Google Drive will be the best place for hosting these types of files because it is absolutely free service. Many other free hosting platforms are also available on the internet but they won't give better performance and features like Google Drive. So choose Google Drive and upload your PHP code in it.

Add PHP in Blogger


Now you are in final step to add the code in Blogger. After uploading the code in Google Drive just copy the URL of the uploaded file and keep it safe.

<object type="text/html" height="300" width="400" data=" your-file.php"></object>

Now replace the code "your-file.php" with the uploaded URL in Google Drive. After replacing the code log-in to blogger and paste the code anywhere on your blog as your wishes like footer, pages, sidebar or posts. Now enjoy this great manually added feature and PHP code will work great on your blogger blog. But it will not give exact results comparing to other platforms. So we can expect blogger will do this additional feature for users in future.

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