Tuesday, 15 October 2013

5 Tips to Increase Domain Authority and How to Check DA?

High Domain Authority is a necessary one for a site as like Google PageRank. Normally webmasters optimize their website or blog domain by using SEO tricks to get PR, but they won't give much importance to Domain Authority. It may hurt their blog in future or coming days because good domain authority is the only thing which brings all your site or blog contents in the top Search engine results.

Increase Domain Authority

Nowadays Domain Authority is becoming popular than PR because authority rank will show how our blog can perform in search results. Other than this many advertising sites give ad publishing approval by seeing the Domain Authority. So we should give importance to increase our site domain authority.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a predictor which predicts how the domain will rank or perform well in Google search results. If your domain has above 35 domain authority then your blog links will work well to generate traffic in the search engine and this rank indicates that you have good PageRank, Domain Age, Alexa Rank and number of backlinks. For increasing domain authority we should spend more time to build Backlinks and our blog URL should be shared in all major popular social media sites.

Follow the given 5 basic tips to Increase Domain Authority and make your domain to perform well to gain high traffic.

Linking Inner Pages

Link your blog posts each other and make sure that you have deeply linked all your pages. Linking inner pages will announce Google, that each blog posts are important and optimized well to get Good Rank. So concentrate on linking inner pages and it is an important step for increasing domain authority.

Internal Links

1. Add the keyword of your relevant post in the newly written article and give the link to build inner page backlinks.
2. Get more external Backlinks to a particular keyword article and link other relevant pages in it.
3. Do not use the same keyword to link in other pages. Show variation in keyword when you linking the posts.
4. Often check whether the given links working properly and remove the links which are with errors.
5. Link your post from Homepage and other external pages like about us, Advertise etc.

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Quality Content

Websites or Blog with High quality and fresh or original content will come up in top Google search faster. After the update of Google Panda, many sites affected by the traffic loss because of its low-quality content and domain authority decreased. The quality article will make users to share the link, and it will become an advantage for our blog popularity.

Quality Content

1. Write innovative articles to attract users.
2. Do not make any errors in the article like grammar or spelling.
3. Write the article which should be relevant to the keyword of the title.
4. Try to write research articles because it will attract readers.
5. Avoid giving unwanted explanations which are apart from the topic.

Social Media Popularity

Social Media

We should always active on social media because it is the finest way to increase Domain Authority. Google algorithm changes started watching the social media popularity of a domain to give top rankings. Create pages in major social sites and update with your blog posts constantly. Reddit, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook are the best sites to share your posts.


Increase Backlinks

Usually, bloggers and webmasters spend more time to build backlinks because Backlinks are the key to increase the visibility of the blog in all major search engines. So backlink is a part of blog development but only building backlinks won't show the way to success. You have to follow other steps too to improve the blog.

Domain Age

If you are using an old domain then you will have a chance to increase domain authority soon. So let your domain to age because it is a part Google Algorithm and Domain authority. They give more preference for aged domains.

How to Check DA?

Domain authority is calculated by using many metrics so you have to follow the above given 5 important steps which help your blog to reach high domain authority soon. You can check your domain authority in the website Moonsy.com freely. If you are using Firefox then you can easily check the domain authority using the SEO toolbar.