Monday, 9 September 2013

Why Facebook Share and Like Button important for our blog Posts?

Facebook is the best source for each blogger to generate some decent traffic to their blog. Other than this, many search engines see the reach of the blog on social media sites to calculate the Page Rank. So we have to know about the importance of blog posts which is on Social media sites.

Now many young business people also started using social sites to make their products popular and succeeding soon. We can commonly see many blogs use the complete source of Facebook to get high traffic. Facebook providing the Share and Like button for blog owners or website, developers to connect users with Facebook.

It is one of the best beneficial features given by Facebook for every new blogger and it makes them succeed in a short time. We can commonly see many blogs will not have any connection with Facebook or with any other social networking sites. It will be a big drawback for them, and they will get affected by future search engine updates.

As a blogger, we have to aware of this, and it will make us survive our blog. So Facebook Share and Like Button is a need for every blogger who needs to promote their blog posts faster. Here we additionally sharing some tips to increase the count of Facebook likes for our readers.

Increase Facebook likes by adding like button in every post

Adding Facebook Like button in each blog posts is the best option to increase the count of likes from readers. You can add these buttons even you do not have any coding skills because and provide the beautiful designed Facebook like a plugin for your blog freely. So just go to any one of the given sites and install your plugin on your blog without any effort.

Post Your Blog Updates on your Official Facebook Page

This is another important thing you have to obey to get maximum likes. Constantly update your blog links on your official Facebook page. It will make Facebook users to check the site updates often and easily and automatically your likes will get increased. If they really interested in your post then they will share it with their friends so it will double your likes.

Start Posting Blog Updates in Related Facebook Pages

This is little toughest thing for us to find the Related Facebook pages which are allowing to post our updates. But it will generate more useful likes from other Facebook Fan pages so we have to try for this beneficial thing.

Inviting your friends from Facebook Fan Page

Invite your all Facebook friends from official Facebook fan page and you can also invite friends using mail ids. It will connect your friends with your blog updates and make them read it regularly. Now search engine algorithm is changing frequently so we have to aware at any time and show our website to search engine as quality and clean.

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