Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Google WebHP Redirect Virus Removal Guide for your Computer.

How to Remove Google WebHp Virus from Computer? Google WebHp virus will spread through free downloads and free software program installation. It is a computer virus program which affects our default browser homepage and changes it to Google.com/WebHp. When this virus affects our computer it will make a big headache for us.

Because we cannot do search properly it automatically open new tabs, pop-up window will appears and redirect to fake search engines. Unfortunately, if you install this virus program on your computer it will change the settings of browser and Google.com/WebHp will occupy the place of default homepage and we cannot able to remove it.

Google WebHp is the fake page which appears with the Google domain name and other fake search engines use it as a landing page. When you install this virus program it will block and disable your computer firewall and other security programs which you use in your computer and it will make many errors when you using your browser and randomly opens new pop-up pages. This Google WebHp Browser virus will occupy your browser when you install privatize VPN and you give the green signal for the virus to change your default homepage to other fake search engines. Before you try to install a free software program or add-on you should care to agree on it to install on your personal computer. Do not install unwanted or unknown applications or add-on on your computer it will help you to keep your computer safe. Then the important thing is you should select the custom installation when you install an application and install it carefully if you needed.

How to uninstall Google WebHp virus from your Computer?

Google WebHp virus will install with help of three applications in our computer so we can see about that three applications which installed this virus program in our computer are MagniPic, Toolbar for IE and Chrome, and Privatize VPN. We have to remove those unwanted applications from our computer for doing this just go to Control Panel and select uninstall a program. From there you have to search and find those applications and remove it and if you find any unknown programs then just remove it too. Because in some computer this virus programs will install with a different name so we have to uninstall unknown applications too.

How to Remove Google WebHp from our Internet Explorer browser?

For doing this just go to internet options in your browser and select the advanced tab and hit the reset button.

After clicking reset button new window will open and ask you are you sure to reset? Then just check to delete personal settings and hit reset that's all now your browser will start resetting the settings. After resetting one dialogue box will open just give OK and reopen your Internet Explorer Browser.

Use AdwCleaner to Remove Google WebHp Registry Keys from your computer

Just download and install this amazing AdwCleaner application in your computer and open the application and click delete option which is given in it. Before running it you have to close all opened applications on your computer including the browser. This application will automatically reboot your computer and show a text file when it restarts. After restarting again open AdwCleaner and click the uninstall option which is given in it to clear or remove this utility.

Follow this procedure on your computer and remove Google WebHp virus completely from your computer.