Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Best 10 Android Music Players Consistent On Market.

I can remember an ancient proverb which is still new today “No living beings can escape from surrendering to music". The proverb was pronounced by common people who lived thousands of years back. But today electronics, electrical and information technology have created a new musical heaven in the form of guitar, violin, keyboard and media players like KM player, windows media player, VLC Media player and mike set, amplifiers etc. It is mesmerizing to imagine the discoveries even in the musical field itself. Great!. Okay, today let us see the android music players which are consistent on market.

Android Pro Music Player:

First, let us see about Player Pro Music Player for Android OS. This music player is ranking 4.6/5 in Google play. The application holds certain specific feature like shake and swipe. You can shake your tablet or phone in a particular direction to play next/previous song or video. The application offers more than twenty free user interface skins. By using this android music player you can categorize and browse and play songs through grids or lists named alums, artists, playlists etc. Another good option provided by this music player is to export and import our favorable songs from or to other music players like KM player, VLC media player etc. The sleep timer is available to give happy sleep to you.

Android Z Player:

This application is ranking 4.2 out of 5 and the peculiarity of this player is that it operates completely in Windows style. Nice quality application, which is made up of Microsoft Zune UI. It supports languages including French and English. Moreover, it supports Italian and Portuguese languages also. This player also offers certain qualities like other music players including last.fm scrobbling, updating status etc. You can stream and search radio stations via this android music player. Z Player is fast and smooth.

Android Winamp:

Winamp is now in the market with the improvement in image load time. It provides 10 bands graphic equalizer. This app is a perfect app which is specially designed to fulfill people who really need fulfillment. It is super slick to experience WinAmp because of its superior functionality. Crossfade function is very nice in this app. People are demanding the company to add album art and tag editor. WinAmp offers perfect streaming radio selection. It ranks 4.3/5.

Android Real Player:

User Friendliness is the specialty of this music player. This player is for free to buy. It reduces the managing time since every graphical arrangement is customized by the greatest technologies but in a very simplest way. This player is much more user-friendly and easy to handle than any other music players. "Facebook share" option is available and it supports 11 languages. Android application real player ranks 4.3/5 in Google play. It is equipped with nice, effective thrill creating an equalizer. Not only these features but it also offers the facility to browse YouTube videos, last FM scrobbling etc. Even though the app Real Player is free to buy and use it never put any advertisement for the purpose to make their customers happy and fulfilled.

Android Rocket Music Player:

The player offers podcast bookmarking facility and equipped with 5 bands efficient equalizer. It ranks 4.4/5 in Google play. Rocket Music Player allows users to sync iTunes playlist with isyncr. Download and enjoy this fantastic app.

Android DoubleTwist Player:

The uniqueness of this android music player is its capability to sync music either wirelessly or with wire (USB). "It will be very nice if they made an option to create playlist very faster" said by people. DoubleTwist Player provides an opportunity to listen to high-quality music.

Android Google Play Music:

Great product of Google is Google Play Music. By using this app you can download, save and listen songs. And moreover, the app is available for free. It is an excellent music player. The app ranks 3.9/5.

Android Jet Audio Plus:

Jet Audio Plus offers 20-bands equalizer. Two lock screens are available. Automatic gain control technology is used to prevent the volume fluctuations that occur. It ranks 4.2/5. But this emerging app is getting dominated in the market very faster.

Android MusiXmatch Lyrics Player:

This android app ranks 4.5/5. So we can guess the value of the app in android market. Sync of lyrics and artistic images are automatic in this music player MusiXmatch Lyrics. Enjoy your leisure time with this innovation.

Android Power Amp:

If you buy power Amp android music player once, you can use it for lifelong and update to newer versions for free whenever the application is getting updated. And the application Power Amp is dominant in Google play and which ranks 4.7/5. The application is showing its special domination in its gapless play quality and crossfade. It provides good and better equalization system.