Monday, 6 May 2013

How to Get 100 to 1000 Free Twitter Followers in a Day?

This Twitter trick is 100% working trick which helps you to get more than 100-1000 free Twitter Followers per day. Before explaining this amazing trick I have to tell something interesting about Twitter. It is one of the leading micro-blogging social networking sites which help users to update live happenings as text messages and allow users to read others update.

We can able to type up to 140 characters as a text message on Twitter and it is known as a tweet. 

Users who registered on twitter able to post their updates and unregistered users cannot able to send their current updates. Twitter allows users to follow you using follow option so followers can able to see your every update on their homepage. If you are a web blog or site developer then you should have some followers who follow your updates which you adding. So getting followers on twitter is the important thing which helps us to make our blog more popular. Getting real visitors is the toughest thing nowadays because we should have some good influence in public or our blog should be more popular on the internet. So it is impossible to get more real followers legally if we are new to blogging.

Here News Bucket revealing one best popular Twitter trick to get more followers for your account. Many sites give you twitter followers after paying few money but this trick is totally free and you can able to get followers constantly. is one of the popular sites which gives you twitter followers as two plans like free and VIP plan. The free plan allows you to get 1000 followers per month and VIP plan allow you to get 3000 followers for every 3 days. If you are willing to get a free plan then go through free plan then it will ask you to accept the terms. Just accept it and hit Get +100 followers now and log-in to your twitter account. That's all now you will start getting more followers automatically. This is one of the simple website which able to handle by every user. is another one fastest growing free twitter followers serving website which will help us to get more followers. It doesn't ask your twitter password so you no need to worry about your twitter account security. Before entering into this website you have to log-in to your twitter account and have to make a tweet. Then go to the website and enter your twitter username and hit start now it will ask you to complete one offer to get free followers. Just fill the form and get 1000 free twitter followers.

A natural way to get Twitter Followers:

If you are willing to get twitter followers in the natural and legal way then follow the given steps. Sometimes twitter admin suspend the accounts who try to cheat on twitter. So getting natural followers is the best way to save our account safe.

1. The first thing you have to do is follow the most popular persons which are showing in your twitter account.

2. Start retweet the tweets which are sent by the popular persons.

3. Start does not follow the person who is not following you back.

4. Start posting some interesting articles which you read and share some interesting information’s.

The important thing does not follow more than 250 people a day. If you do twitter will suspend your account to be safe. That's all follow these steps constantly you will surely get more than 1000 followers.

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