Tuesday, 8 October 2013

26 Cons of Windows Phone 8 Operating System

Things need to know before purchasing your beloved windows phone8.

Demerits of windows phone 8 Operating System.

There is nothing to deny the fact that windows mobile are the latest talk of the town. When it comes to smart phone market windows phone isn’t the new player. In fact,they are here in the market since a decade now. Ever since their initial release they are trying to capture the market by a large margin but failed due to the competition between the likes of Symbian, blackberry etc. 

Windows Phone 8 Operating System 101112

Now, with the release of windows mobile 8, they have decided to take the plunge and working hard against the tough competitor android. The windows phone packs in itself a very fluid operating system with sheer response, minimal lag and blazing fast. Having said that, Windows phone OS isn’t a perfect one. Through this article let’s discuss on the most sought, needed features that windows OS lacks, missed or even neglected to have them.

 Windows Phone 8 Operating System

1. Windows mobile has no ability to choose a particular application as the default application to do a particular task. That means you can’t set up a default browser, default camera app etc.

2. You cannot search a phone number inside your phone book.

3. No cursor in the dial pad and hence no way to edit the entered numbers other than deleting one by one. In fact,there is no way to add even ‘0’ prefix for STD calls once you enter the telephone number.

4. It’s surprising that there is no speed dialling facility in default dial pad

5. Windows is better known for its office suit offering. But in windows mobile it’s a pain to access files though the working experience is quite good. You cannot access the office files that are being stored in memory card. The file created by office suite cannot be edited by the PC version of office. If you have say 100 files in your phone memory, accessing them through the office suit is a real headache as there is no way to organize or group files in to folders. You cannot save such a huge collection of office files in sky drive cloud storage. Even if you can, the situation will be out of hands if you visit areas with no connectivity.

6. You cannot copy the stuffs from excel and paste it somewhere else.

7. The updating cycle time of live tiles is about 30 minutes. There is no point in calling them live tiles as they are not.

8. One of the worst decisions of Microsoft is the deliberate omission of file manager. Being a multi-tasking modern smart phone operating system I would call it as the ‘epitome of stupidity’ to wipe away such a must needed facility out. How can you call it as a smart phone when you can’t gain access to the files what you have in your phone and card memory? You can’t view the files received through Bluetooth in a single location. You can’t rename anything. No mass storage mode. No wireless FTP support. Not even Zune support. Even cheap phones have this facility working.

9. Another big mistake is its multitasking capability. Yes it is a multitasking OS but with no proper task manager. One has to press the back button umpteen times to close the app excluding a few who has an exit option within them.

10. Few applications stop its processing in the background once minimized and that contribute a lot to annoy the user.

11. When it comes to message the keyboard is fun. But the messages cannot be searched to get any piece of information. You cannot actually save any messages unless copy it to notes app.

12. Even with mind-blowing HSPA+ connectivity and the front camera, 3G video calls cannot be done.

13. Apps (viz messages, mails, and gallery) cannot be locked individually and anyone who asks you to have a look on your phone / OS can actually open your messages, emails and every other personal stuffs.

14. The toast notifications carrying a few parts of your incoming messages cannot be turned off, and this may create privacy problems.

15. No notification centre is another problem with the OS. Of course they have enabled it in live Tiles. Still the notification centre could have been much handy.

16. When you buy your new windows phone your eyes may pop out seeing the on-board storage available with the phone. The Fun ends then and there. The mysterious ever growing ‘other’ folder can swallow any amount of storage space with absolutely no reason. Usually people end up in hard resetting their phone to get back the storage space.

17. Every resetting action is painful. No local backups can be made in the case if one wants to reset his phone. The only way is to backing up the settings and just the application list to the cloud storage. After resetting and enabling restore, the phone downloads the apps from the store, leading to hefty data/ Wi-Fi bills. 

18. Third party applications has given no rights to access the videos/ music and documents saved in the phone and therefore the likes of Whatsapp, Hike cannot allow user to share his saved videos, audio files to his friends.

19. The phone doesn’t have a universal search application which can search the entire phone and internet for details.

20. There is an application called one note which helps in taking quick notes. The only way to bring the notes to PC is to upload the note to sky drive > download it to the PC> open it with one note app n PC > convert it to desired format. Carrying a slip pad with pen to take notes seems to be less hectic than following the above procedure.

21. You subscribe for an expensive 3g packs thinking of to download stuffs. You search the store,find a graphics intensive game and hit the download button. Only then you realize that the files exceeding 30mbs cannot be downloaded through packet data. You need an active Wi-Fi connection for this.

22. No individual volume controls. That means you can’t have the ringer at high volumes and messages with low volumes simultaneously.  The vibration alert is again ridiculous. On receiving the call it vibrates just a couple of times and ceases away before the ringer comes in to action. You can’t turn the vibrations while pressing soft keys off.

23. Every time one has to tap on the notification bar to view the network status.

24. The social networking is integrated, and it’s cool. But you cannot share, like comments with the integrated application.

25. No ways to put together the ‘like category apps’ like browsers, music players etc. in a folder for easy access.

26. Last but not the least the phone doesn’t even has a proper call history. You can have no records on the call duration. The log is mingled and cannot sort them out based on incoming, outgoing, missed calls.

Off late a very new gdr2 update has been rolled out for windows phones expecting to sort out most of the issues and surprisingly not many issues has been addressed.

Even with the above said issues Windows OS is rich, very smooth, does its job pretty nicely and satisfies many users across the globe. With a few little tweaks in upcoming update windows can easily capture a very large market share and gain the leadership position currently what android is enjoying.