Let us see Ayurvedic Android Apps today. My mind is urging me to make the world very natural and healthy. Now days, people are losing the reality of life and just imitating and create a self image to grab people's attention and to become popular. Certain people are dreaming to become best and getting trapped into the illusion of life and not living the real life. And pity thing is, part of the population doesn't know about what is the real nature of human beings. Most of the time (other than childhood) they are living in show off and illusion. Instead of experiencing true life they are experiencing illusory life.

Do you know how it affects humanity? And also they are admiring and diverting people who are living naturally (in a rural area) by their fake life. So don't think that I am blaming technology and development. Technology and development are useful for humanity. People before hundreds of years enjoyed by developing stone grinders, beautiful idles, statues, paintings etc. But their perception and life experience was completely different when compared to today's people. They enjoyed their experience and creativity without any impurities like ego or credit (or madness like 'I am Achiever'). They created things very naturally as how birds fly naturally without any achievement desire or artificial confident. They were not victims to urgency, time and popularity. They just lived and expressed them very naturally.

They were completely calm, happy and peaceful. They cared women around them. Today people are losing stillness and calm inside them. They are becoming victim to time and urgency and achievement. They are living in compulsion. They are living in artificial scheduled life. Enjoyment also coming into their schedule and timetable, see how much the life is becoming duplicate? Only seekers and constant effort makers can come out of this illusion. We can count by fingers, the people who are not the victim of 'Cause and Effect'. Except those people, all others are the victim of 'Cause and Effect'. To handle this 'Karmic law' or the 'law of Cause and Effect' one must know two steps. Step one; people must recall every day the basic concept said in every religion that ' We receive what we give'. Step two, to handle this law effectively you must find stillness within you (you can find stillness through transcendental meditation).

So decide exactly about what you do want in your life and give that to your lovable ones and to needy people. And receive graciously what you do want because graciously receiving is the quality of graciously giving. The time when you begin to do this you will begin to circulate wealth. The more you give the more you begin to receive. The 'giving and receiving' will increase more and more and so you will become wealthier than wealthier again and again. To live very natural and healthy life, you have to go completely in the Vedic path. If you want to treat your disease go to the Ayurvedic hospital, if you want to build a house, build it with Vedic harmony, and go completely in the Vedic path. Any how I never recommend you to follow any prediction about your life even though the prediction will be almost correct. If you follow the life predictions, you live as a fool. You never learn anything about life. You may lose the tendency to upgrade your life. You may miss the opportunity to learn from the experience of life. Don't go near to people, who predict your future, you by yourself, be best and better as the time moves. Live simple life in the ground state. Here I am giving list of Ayurvedic Android Apps from Google play which may inspire you to go back to the natural life how hundreds of years ago people lived. But recall one thing what every enlightened master used to say 'Be innocent and intelligent'. Always ignorance is foolishness. But there is the difference between ignorance and innocence. Innocent gives you happiness, harmony, love and laughter and which makes you to express your soul.

The list of some Ayurvedic Android apps from Google play is 1) Ayurvedic Plants and Herbs 2) Ayurvedic Medicine 3) Beauty Tips for Skin 4) Ayurveda - Cures n Remedies 5) Ayurveda for home remedies 6) AyurvediccookBook and 7) Ayurveda Remedy and Prevention.

Ayurvedic Plants and Herbs:

Download this Ayurvedic android app from Google play to gain knowledge about Ayurvedic plants and herbs. This app is free for your handheld devices. Install it and reap the fruits. If your thoughts, emotions, actions and body are harmonized with Ayurveda, then automatically people near to you also begin to taste it. It will happen even if you be silent. Gradually the world begins to be healthy. 'Inspiration' takes any physical material as a media to inspire people. May be, this Android app acts as a media to transmit the inspiration to you (or to inspire you). Inspiration comes from the deeper silence (the cosmic consciousness which connects the whole universe) which cannot be imagining until we experience that. But it (source of inspiration) takes some media to inspire people. The app 'Ayurvedic Plants and Herbs' ranks 4.2/5. This 2.1 MB app requires android OS versions of 2.1 and above. Recently 'Ayurvedic Plants and Herbs' is updated on May 8, 2013.

Ayurvedic Medicine:

This is another Ayurvedic android app which is specially designed to share the medical procedure of alternative medicine Ayurveda. This fascinating 327 KB android app 'Ayurvedic Medicine' ranks 4/5 and which will work effectively on Android OS versions above 2.2. This app 'Ayurvedic medicine' is recently updated by developer 'Chourishi Systems' on April 30, 2013.

Beauty Tips for Skin:

This app 'Beauty Tips for Skin' is a great gift for women to become a beauty without any single mental and physical side effects. The app provides the tips to do certain practices to make your skin healthy, beautiful and attractive. This beautiful gift 'Beauty Tips for Skin' ranks 3.9/5. 'Beauty Tips for Skin' has a memory size of 3.3 MB and will be supported in OS versions upper than 2.1.

Ayurveda - Cures n Remedies:

This app 'Ayurveda - Cures n Remedies' gives a list of two to three remedies for each disease. These medicines can be prepared very easily since you can find the herbs needed in your own kitchen and garden. 'Ayurveda - Cures n Remedies' ranks 4.4/5. It is very less memory app of 1.1 MB. 'Ayurveda- Cures n Remedies' works fine in android devices with OS versions higher than 2.1.


Use this app to become your own doctor. Experience and know self healing. 'AyurvediccookBook' ranks 3.5/5 with size 4.3 MB and which suits well in OS version of at least 1.6.

Ayurveda Remedy and Prevention:

It costs Rs. 54.35 to buy. It gives you benefit by giving information regarding natural home remedies and food guides. 'Ayurveda Remedy and Prevention' ranks 3.4/5 with size 3.9 MB and which supports fine in OS version upper than 1.6.

Note: You can gain maximum information about natural medicines and natural food guidance from these apps. But don't follow the medical home remedies without the guidance of living Guru or Ayurvedic doctor. Use these apps only to gain knowledge. It is just my personal opinion.