Today it is time to know about the Tips to Get Approved BuySellAds. Now days, blogging and earning money through blogs is a popular and fascinating method than any other, which makes a person(blog owner) special among his/her lovable ones. Bloggers earn money only by publishing ads of other popular advertisement companies. One of the popular online advertisement companies is 'Google ad sense'. The uniqueness of Google ad sense is providing more money even for a single click. Other companies like Clicksor, Chitika etc. provide only less money for a single click when comparing Google ad sense. Getting a Google Adsense approval is also a little bit difficult when compared with other companies. But there is a Trick to get approval for Google Adsense quickly. Other than publishing these ads like Google ad sense, Clicksor, Chitika etc., there is one more way to make money in a high quality way. That one and only choice is BuySellAds.

But only lucky people can get approval from BuySellAds Company. The sure way to get BuySellAds approval is by making your website or blog perfect up to their expectation. Now, knowing their expectation and being perfect is a thing to consider from our part. Certain tips what I provide down will be helpful for you.

Getting Approval from BuySellAds:

1) 'BuySellAds' company checks website's consistency. If a website has aged more than 3 months then 'BuySellAds' takes it as a favor. This is one of the criteria what they consider.

2) 'BuySellAds' company checks for your blog's popularity. Blog popularity will be predicted based on Alexa rank. Higher the Alexa Rank, higher is the chance to get approval. Alexa rank below 1 lakh is expected.

3) The company also consider the number of visitors and page views. More than 5,00,000 page views per month is expected.

4) Some bloggers are maintaining their blog with Blogspot or Wordpress extension. 'BuySellAds' prefers .COM, .ORG etc. domains.

5) Unique and original contents are appreciated to get the approval from 'BuySellAds'. The blog with copied contents will not be trusted by company.

6) The Attire and Look of a website/blog is very essential to place ads from 'BuySellAds' company. They consider professional look of your site.

7) Blogs with adult contents will be rejected. Not only website with adult contents, website with any anti social expressions like hacking, weapons, violence etc. will also be rejected.

8) English is most preferred language for the approval of BuySellAds.

9) Good Google page rank paves more opportunity to get the approval from 'BuySellAds' company. But if your website is rich in traffic and unique original contents, then page rank is not necessary.

Attracting Advertisers from BuySellAds:

There is one more step even after getting BuySellAds approval. Advertisers under BuySellAds Company have to choose your blog ad spot. So you have to qualify again. Some more tips as follows will be helpful for you to attract advertisers from BuySellAds.

1) Ask low amount at beginning from advertisers to publish their ads in the Ad space you provided in your site. Provide comfortable space and so that advertisers can publish their ads on your blog.

2) Give exact description about your blog and so that exact advertisers come to your site for publishing their ads. Giving wrong description creates a bad impression about your site among advertisers.

3) When you upload a snapshot of your website, it makes advertisers to guess something about your site without visiting itself. It creates more impression about your site.

4) Not placing Blog in a right category makes you to lose advertisers.