Google, each day publishes a Doodle in its homepage, it is more innovative and makes us to stay and watch it for few seconds. Sometimes we can see some attractive Google Doodles which allow us to interact with them. Google Doodles gained lot of fans by its creative art and design. Google displays Doodles which describes about some important people's memories or some other festivals or games. Game Google Doodles is more popular than other Doodles and it is good gift for all game lovers. Google published its first Doodle in the year 1998 and it reached more popular and in the year 2010 it started showing new interactive Doodles for Google lovers. These interactive game doodles allow users to play using keyboard and mouse and so it will give more fun for users. Here News Bucket listing some popular Game Google Doodles and more for Game and innovative lovers.

Pac-Man's Anniversary:

Google introduced its first interactive Doodle in the year 2010 May and it became more popular and it launched another new peculiar doodle to celebrate the 30th Pac-Man anniversary. It occupied the hearts of many online game lovers and got much positive feedback. Many users started using it in their computer and Google got constant users to follow it each day.

Slalom Canoe 2012:

This doodle is for game lovers. This doodle is designed to give simple capsule of fun to people. You have to swim boat through the river without hitting any objects and reach the destination with in short duration. Experience this creativity. Slalom Canoe is a peculiar sport. 

Basket Ball 2012:

Another doodle is interesting basket ball game. With in short duration of time, you have to put maximum goals. You can use mouse pointer to focus on the basket and to put goal or you can use space key too. It is really pleasure full to play this game. 

Soccer 2012:

It is an interesting game or doodle to play like a foot ball goal keeper. Play it and enjoy since there is no need to download or install. Feel the specialty of doodles.

Hurdles 2012:

Again, this is an interesting game or doodle which makes you an active doodle player. You have to use arrow keys to run faster and space key to jump. So celebrate the game.

Frank Zamboni's 112th Birthday:

You can drive a simple ice drivable vehicle here and there as your wish on ice. So try this doodle creation in upcoming second.

Jules Verne's 183rd Birthday:

This gives fantastic feel. By moving the red light on the cross you will find some miracles behind transparent Google. Jules Verne is a poet and novelist.

Doodle For Robert Moog's 78'th Birthday:

Google to celebrate the 78th birthday of Robert Moog introduced this doodle. The doodle is about nothing but it is an electronic musical instrument called keyboard. Robert Moog is an American and who is the founder of Moog music. This doodle provides original musical experience as how a real keyboard can give.

Doodle For Les Paul's 96th Birthday:

This is another musical instrument doodle and that is electric guitar. You can have real high quality musical experience by using this guitar doodle itself. So now you can enjoy guitar music and keyboard music simultaneously for free with these doodles. These two doodles are a great gift for music lovers.  Just search about all Google’s doodles in a website and enjoy your time.

Jim Henson's 75th Birthday:

This is animated doodle. You can find some characters like elephant, snake etc. They respond to your actions when you click below them and they move head when you move mouse pointer here and there. Jim Henson is a film director.

Douglas Adams' 61st Birthday:


It is panic creating doodle. Try not to be panic when you watch this doodle. Douglas Adam is writer and dramatist.

Valentine's Day:

This doodle is designed for Valentine’s Day and George Ferris' 154th Birthday. It is amazing animated doodle which shows the right match for you in different characters. Try it.

Alan Turing's 100th birthday:

This doodle is with certain binary codes and calculations. Alan Turing discovered Turing machine.

Halloween 2012:

Halloween 2012 is an animated doodle about the festival to scare people. Scholars say that it is the festival of death. So watch this doodle carefully with no panic.