Google is doing amazing service in serving quality images and contents. Other than these services Google have some tricks which are now becoming more popular in internet. Mostly we use Google for searching contents other than that we don't no more about its untold tricks. Now we sharing you few working tricks of Google which is untold and new to internet world. These tricks will teach you about Google's worth in internet world. Apply these tricks in Google search engine and make use of it.

Google Zero Gravity Trick:

Nowadays Google Zero Gravity trick is the most funniest and fun making popular trick developed for search engine users to get more surprise by seeing zero gravity affected Google. Using this trick we can see a new Google search engine which is totally affected by gravity including i'm feeling lucky button and search box.  You can also through the search results anywhere inside the page using courser. Now this trick is not working in Google so if you eager to see this amazing funny trick then visit Google and type Google Zero Gravity in search box and hit search and select the first link and go through it and see the Google zero Gravity trick.

Epic Google:

Epic Google will show the Google search box from normal size to very big size. But it will go to the normal range when we start searching some required words. Go to Google and search for Epic Google and go through the first Epic Google link and see the most funniest Google trick  which works.

Google Pac-man:

Authors wont forget or leave this lovable Google Pac-man doodle to include along with their Google tricks list. Because it is the amazing Google game doodle which displayed on Google search engine homepage on 22 may 2010. It displayed as mini version of Pac-man in Google homepage behalf of classic game anniversary. Millions of Google users around the world spend more time to play this game. Still this game is working and available in Google. If you willing to play this amazing Pac-man doodle Game then go to Google and search for it using the keyword Google Pac-man and go through it and get more fun.

Let me Google that for you:

Using this let me Google that for you trick allow you to short your URL or lengthy words. If your friend or some other people who is too lazy to search some words then you can short your words and able to send to their email as URL link so they able to check it with a click. Just go to Google and enter Let me Google that for you and go through the first search result and short your lengthy words.

Do a Barrel roll:

Do a Barrel roll is a command which works in Google search engine. If you enter this command in Google then it will immediately obey and start rotating along with the whole page. It made me more surprising i think you will feel the same.