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Sell Your Annuities Blog Review - Annuity Tips

Sell your annuities is a new generation blog which shares a lot of investment tips and tricks for retired people. You can also know about the annuities and its investment ideas. So keep reading Sell Your Annuities blog to get more knowledge about investments. It will lead your life to financial free life.

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Top 5 Cheapest Samsung Mobile Phones Below 5000-6000 Rupees

Samsung mobiles are the most popular brand all around the world because of its good quality, better specification, being user friendly and longer life span. Samsung mobiles were founded since 1969 and become the largest electronic manufacturer. Samsung mobiles are the second largest selling mobile phones in the global market next to Nokia. From small cell phone to different variety smart phones, Samsung has grown to a greater extinct. In the beginning of time the sales of Samsung were very low. Before introducing into the market the Samsung mobiles undergo various testing to verify its stability. It has good demand among people, though different brands of mobiles have been invented in recent days.

1. Samsung Z3

In India its cost starts from Rs. 5590. Samsung Z3 has a 5.00 inch display and its looks really smart. If you wish to buy an Android mobile with low cost and with good looking it will be a better choice as it includes a RAM of 1 GB and the internal memory of 8 GB. The external…

Top Paying Genuine PTC Sites to Get Paid for Viewing Ads

PTC Sites offer you to earn some money in a month for viewing Ads without any hard work. There are many PTC sites available in the internet, but most of them are scams and they won't pay for their clients. So we decided to pick some genuine PTC Sites for our users to get payments properly for their work. You can earn more than 200$ in a month by viewing ads from these sites. If you are expecting bigger earnings then this job won't suit for you. How this system works? Advertisers will invest some money to the PTC sites for advertising their webpage or product promotion page to improve their business, then the PTC site will spend some percentage of invested amount to its users who are viewing the advertisement pages.

Best Paying PTC Sites
You can earn thousands of dollars from these sites by viewing ads and using their referral program. Just make others to sign up using the referral link provided by the PTC Sites and earn some more extra money. Follow and sign-up to the given …

5 Tips to Increase Trust Flow and Citation Flow of Your Blog

Now Google Page Rank almost lost its popularity because of new metrics like domain authority, trust flow, and citation flow introduced as New Search Engine Algorithm's. These two metrics are ruling the SEO world on these days and now most of the SEO followers started following Domain authority, TF and CF algorithm's by neglecting Google's Page Rank system to improve their blog's ranking and visibility on search engines. Domain Authority predicts how your blog going to perform on Google search results. Already we discussed about What is Domain Authority and how to check and improve it on our Previous post, so in this article, let us see about Trust Flow and Citation Flow Algorithm briefly.

Flow Metrics
This new Search Engine metric is developed and introduced by a company named Majestic in the year 2012. Using this Flow metrics algorithm Google rank and give importance for a blog to reach higher positions on its search engine. This Flow metric works depending on the qu…

5 Best Lightweight Cameras for Adventure Lovers and Travelers

Cameras play a major role when we travel to different places. Cameras helps to take photos which are the best memories in life. Its just easy to say there is no one left to love to have cameras with them. Often when people travel with friends or families to tourist places they likes to have cameras with them. Everyone prefers to have light weight cameras with good specifications. Nowadays, smart phones help to take good photos, but the effect of zooming is very low when compared to cameras. Thus, here are the list of five light weight cameras for your choice.

1. Panasonic Lumix ZS50/TZ70

It has a good resolution of about 12.1 MP. The pixel size is larger as it has a sensor of about 1/2.3in. It has a good resolution in video capturing and the resolution range is about 1920 x 1080p and the video format will be either AVCHD or MP4. The presence of a slow mode capturing of video help to get good video quality. The shooting speed ranges between 6fps to 10fps and also an LCD screen. The main…

Mini Pocket Sized AirSelfie Camera Drone for Selfie Lovers

Taking selfie is a passion for many of us, at first people used their hands to take selfie. Later it transformed to selfie stick, it helped selfie lovers to take photos easily. Now a new technological innovation named AirSelfie introduced on the  market to make everyone happy.  It is the right time for us to transform from Selfie Stick to AirSelfie. Because it is a tiny drone which can fly and take selfies with good quality images. The Airselfie has been invented in London with various salient features and has been published on November 17, 2016. The shipping orders will be started delivering from March 2017.

The Airselfie can be connected to the smartphones using its own WiFi network which is at a range of about 2.4 GHz. The camera is of 5 MP and can take both photos and videos. It could cover or travel an maximum height of 20 meters or 66 feet. It can be used for both iPhone and the Android smartphones. Timer settings are done  in 10 seconds, which captures an maximum of eight phot…

Free Trick to Get 500-1000+ Real Unlimited Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes can change an unpopular brand page or shared status to a popular thing and it became as an unavoidable thing for us to promote a product in a successful way. Facebook advertising is one of the easiest ways to gain a huge number of Likes. We need to spend some dollars to advertise our Facebook brand page or website to get Facebook Likes. Many businessman uses paid services (advertising) to improve their page visibility on Facebook to generate thousands or millions of likes according to their investments. 

But some people will be in the struggle to get Likes on Facebook and they can't use Facebook Advertising because of lack of money on their wallet. We are making this amazing tricky article for our readers to get some real Facebook Likes on their page or Facebook status to promote it. This trick is completely a like exchange system, if you hit like from your Facebook account to others, your account will be added with some credits. You can generate unlimited credits …